„In science, wherever politics got involved, the results were deplorable.“

Kobos, Andrzej (2012). Po drogach uczonych. 5. Polska Akademia Umiejętności. pp. 317–335. ISBN 978-83-7676-127-5.

Übernommen aus Wikiquote. Letzte Aktualisierung 3. Juni 2021. Geschichte
Marek Sanak Foto
Marek Sanak
polnischer Genetiker 1958

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Tony Blair Foto

„There were people who got me very involved in politics. But then there was also a book. It was a trilogy, a biography of Trotsky by Isaac Deutscher, which made a very deep impression on me and gave me a love of political biography for the rest of my life.“

—  Tony Blair former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1953

Cahal Milmo, " Blair reveals an unexpected influence: Trotsky http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/blair-reveals-an-unexpected-influence-trotsky-468385.html", The Independent, 3 March 2006.
Speech to the Commonwealth Club, London, 2 March 2006.

Jean-Baptiste Say Foto

„Political economy has only become a science since it has been confined to the results of inductive investigation.“

—  Jean-Baptiste Say French economist and businessman 1767 - 1832

Quelle: A Treatise On Political Economy (Fourth Edition) (1832), Introduction, p. xxvi

Alan Moore Foto

„I suppose I first got involved in radical politics as a matter of course, during the late 1960s when it was a part of the culture.“

—  Alan Moore English writer primarily known for his work in comic books 1953

Alan Moore on Anarchism (2009)
Kontext: I suppose I first got involved in radical politics as a matter of course, during the late 1960s when it was a part of the culture. The counterculture, as we called it then, was very eclectic and all-embracing. It included fashions of dress, styles of music, philosophical positions, and, inevitably, political positions. And although there would be various political leanings coming to the fore from time to time, I suppose that the overall consensus political standpoint was probably an anarchist one. Although probably back in those days, when I was a very young teenager, I didn’t necessarily put it into those terms. I was probably not familiar enough with the concepts of anarchy to actually label myself as such. It was later, as I went into my twenties and started to think about things more seriously that I came to a conclusion that basically the only political standpoint that I could possibly adhere to would be an anarchist one.
It furthermore occurred to me that, basically, anarchy is in fact the only political position that is actually possible. I believe that all other political states are in fact variations or outgrowths of a basic state of anarchy; after all, when you mention the idea of anarchy to most people they will tell you what a bad idea it is because the biggest gang would just take over. Which is pretty much how I see contemporary society. We live in a badly developed anarchist situation in which the biggest gang has taken over and have declared that it is not an anarchist situation – that it is a capitalist or a communist situation. But I tend to think that anarchy is the most natural form of politics for a human being to actually practice. All it means, the word, is no leaders. An-archon. No leaders.
And I think that if we actually look at nature without prejudice, we find that this is the state of affairs that usually pertains.

Gregory Benford Foto

„It was getting the results that made science worth doing; the accolades were a thin, secondary pleasure.“

—  Gregory Benford, buch Timescape

Quelle: Timescape (1980), Chapter 39 (p. 411)

„From the day to till the day there are two humans living together they were and they will involves in political process.“

—  Zaman Ali Pakistani philosopher 1993

"Humanity", Ch.II "Politics: A Continuous process", Part I

Frank Bainimarama Foto

„We were never involved in politics. It was the political party that pushed their agenda, the Bill, forward and we only reacted to the consequences the Bill would bring.“

—  Frank Bainimarama Prime Minister of Fiji 1954

2000, Reaction to calls from Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer for the Military to stay out of politics (30 September 2005)

Joseph Campbell Foto

„Wherever the poetry of myth is interpreted as biography, history, or science, it is killed.“

—  Joseph Campbell American mythologist, writer and lecturer 1904 - 1987

Quelle: The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Michael Crichton Foto
Friedrich Engels Foto

„Political economy came into being as a natural result of the expansion of trade, and with its appearance elementary, unscientific huckstering was replaced by a developed system of licensed fraud, an entire science of enrichment.“

—  Friedrich Engels German social scientist, author, political theorist, and philosopher 1820 - 1895

Die Nationalökonomie entstand als eine natürliche Folge der Ausdehnung des Handels, und mit ihr trat an die Stelle des einfachen, unwissenschaftlichen Schachers ein ausgebildetes System des erlaubten Betrugs, eine komplette Bereicherungswissenschaft.
Outlines of a Critique of Political Economy (1844)

„No one will involve the army in political processes!“

—  Mikael Harutyunyan Armenian general 1946

Quoted in article "Mikael Harutyunyan: no one will involve army in political processes." panarmenian.net [February 23, 2008]

W. H. Auden Foto

„Politics cannot be a science, because in politics theory and practice cannot be separated, and the sciences depend upon their separation.“

—  W. H. Auden Anglo-American poet 1907 - 1973

A Certain World: A Commonplace Book (1970)

Carl Sagan Foto
Henri de Saint-Simon Foto

„Politics is the science of production.“

—  Henri de Saint-Simon French early socialist theorist 1760 - 1825

De L'Industrie (1816), in Saint-Simon: sa víe et ses travaux (1857), by M. G. Hubbard, pp. 156–157

Otto von Bismarck Foto

„Politics is not an exact science.“

—  Otto von Bismarck German statesman, Chancellor of Germany 1815 - 1898

Die Politik ist keine exakte Wissenschaft.
Speech to Prussian upper house (18 December 1863)
Politics is not a science, as the professors are apt to suppose. It is an art.
Expression in the Reichstag (1884), as quoted in The Quote Verifier : Who Said What, Where, and When (2006) by Ralph Keyes
Variante: Die Politik ist keine Wissenschaft, wie viele der Herren Proffessoren sich einbilden, sondern eine Kunst.

Hal Abelson Foto

„Anything which uses science as part of its name isn't: political science, creation science, computer science.“

—  Hal Abelson computer scientist 1947

Quelle: The Nature of Belief http://www.xent.com/FoRK-archive/sept97/0213.html

„The factor that makes us question the authority of the expert is that we are personally emotionally involved in the result.“

—  Leslie Weatherhead English theologian 1893 - 1976

Quelle: The Christian Agnostic (1965), p.53

P. J. O'Rourke Foto

„When a thing defies physical law, there's usually politics involved.“

—  P. J. O'Rourke American journalist 1947

All the Trouble in the World (1994)

Hannes Alfvén Foto

„The key is not to confuse myth and empirical results, or religion and science.“

—  Hannes Alfvén Swedish electrical engineer and plasma physicist 1908 - 1995

Quelle: Dean of the Plasma Dissidents (1988), p. 196.
Kontext: Since religion intrinsically rejects empirical methods, there should never be any attempt to reconcile scientific theories with religion. An infinitely old universe, always evolving, may not be compatible with the Book of Genesis. However, religions such as Buddhism get along without having any explicit creation mythology and are in no way contradicted by a universe without a beginning or end. Creatio ex nihilo, even as religious doctrine, only dates to around AD 200. The key is not to confuse myth and empirical results, or religion and science.

Taraneh Javanbakht Foto

„Being involved in sciences or various arts is not a reason for neglecting the causes of social problems.“

—  Taraneh Javanbakht Iranian scientist, faculty, poet, translator, playwright and writer 1974

Quelle: Committee of human rights reporters, 2011 http://archive.is/0d2i

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