„The manager's function is not to make people work, but to make it possible for people to work.“

—  Tom DeMarco, p. 34.
Tom DeMarco Foto
Tom DeMarco3
US-amerikanischer Autor 1940

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Peter F. Drucker Foto
Bob Marley Foto

„We JAH people can make it work.“

—  Bob Marley Jamaican singer, songwriter, musician 1945 - 1981

Anthony de Mello Foto

„People with golden hearts would make capitalism or communism or socialism work beautifully.“

—  Anthony de Mello Indian writer 1931 - 1987
Context: A Jesuit once wrote a note to Father Arrupe, his superior general, asking him about the relative value of communism, socialism and capitalism. Father Arrupe gave him a lovely reply. He said, "A system is about as good or as bad as the people who use it." People with golden hearts would make capitalism or communism or socialism work beautifully. "The Death of Me", p. 151

Louis Antoine de Saint-Just Foto

„You who make the laws, the vices and the virtues of the people will be your work.“

—  Louis Antoine de Saint-Just military and political leader 1767 - 1794
(Autumn 1792) [Source: Oeuvres Complètes de Saint-Just, vol. 1 (2 vols., Paris, 1908), p. 380]

John D. Rockefeller Foto

„Good management consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior people.“

—  John D. Rockefeller American business magnate and philanthropist 1839 - 1937
As quoted in The Harper Book of Quotations (1993) by Robert I. Fitzhenry, p. 71; the earliest published occurrence of such remarks yet located were those of Jim Low in "The Human in Public Relations" a diner address in Proceedings, Seventh Annual Meeting of the Agricultural Research Institute, October 13-14, 1958, Washington, Pt. 3, p. 83

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„Fellow workers and peasants, this is the socialist and democratic revolution of the working people, with the working people, and for the working people. And for this revolution of the working people, by the working people, and for the working people we are prepared to give our lives.“

—  Fidel Castro former First Secretary of the Communist Party and President of Cuba 1926 - 2016
Original Spanish: "Compañeros obreros y campesinos, esta es la Revolución socialista y democrática de los humildes, con los humildes y para los humildes. Y por esta Revolución de los humildes, por los humildes y para los humildes estamos dispuestos a dar la vida." On 16 April 1961, in a funeral oration in Vedado for victims of the air raids the day before, Fidel Castro referring to the January 1959 Cuban Revolution. Quoted in José Ramón Fernández. 2001. Playa Giron/Bay of Pigs: Washington's First Military Defeat in the Americas, p. 56

Howard S. Becker Foto

„[ Folk art, consists of] work done by ordinary people in the course of their lives, work seldom thought of by those who make or use it as art at all.“

—  Howard S. Becker American sociologist 1928
p. 245 as quoted in: John Ross Hall, Mary Jo Neitz, Marshall Battani (2003) Sociology On Culture. p. 196.

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Peter F. Drucker Foto

„Management as an activity has always existed to make people’s desires through organized effort. Management facilitates the efforts of people in organized groups and arises when people seek to cooperate to achieve goals.“

—  Arthur G. Bedeian American business theorist 1946
Daniel A. Wren & Arthur G. Bedeian (1972: 11-12); as cited in: Le Texier, Thibault. "The first systematized uses of the term “management” in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries." Journal of Management History 19.2 (2013): 189-224.