„There are problems to whose solution I would attach an infinitely greater importance than to those of mathematics, for example touching ethics, or our relation to God, or concerning our destiny and our future; but their solution lies wholly beyond us and completely outside the province of science.“

As quoted in The World of Mathematics (1956) Edited by J. R. Newman

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Carl Friedrich Gauß Foto
Carl Friedrich Gauß12
deutscher Mathematiker, Astronom, Geodät und Physiker 1777 - 1855

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Mary Parker Follett Foto

„Learning to cherish others is the best solution to our daily problems, and it is the source of all our future happiness and good fortune.“

—  Kelsang Gyatso Tibetan writer and lama 1931

Modern Buddhism: The Path of Compassion and Wisdom (2011)

Mary Baker Eddy Foto

„Who would stand before a blackboard, and pray the Principle of mathematics to work out the problem? The rule is already established, and it is our task to work out the solution.“

—  Mary Baker Eddy religious leader 1821 - 1910

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (1889), p. 491 https://archive.org/stream/healthwitscience00eddyrich#page/491/mode/1up

Ronald Reagan Foto

„Government is not a solution to our problem government is the problem.“

—  Ronald Reagan American politician, 40th president of the United States (in office from 1981 to 1989) 1911 - 2004

Some sources indicate the phrase 'government is the problem' was not part of the speech. (E.g. yale.edu http://avalon.law.yale.edu/20th_century/reagan1.asp). Live recordings of the address demonstrate that Reagan did indeed use the phrase in question. See Ronald Reagan: First Inaugural Address http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IleiqUDYpFQ; start at 6:08
1980s, First term of office (1981–1985), First Inaugural address (1981)
Variante: In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem
Kontext: In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we've been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else? All of us together, in and out of government, must bear the burden. The solutions we seek must be equitable, with no one group singled out to pay a higher price.

Alyson Nöel Foto

„Sometimes destiny lies just outside of our reach.“

—  Alyson Nöel, buch Shadowland


„The concern of OR with finding an optimum decision, policy, or design is one of its essential characteristics. It does not seek merely to define a better solution to a problem than the one in use; it seeks the best solution… [It] can be characterized as the application of scientific methods, techniques, and tools to problems involving the operations of systems so as to provide those in control of the operations with optimum solutions to the problems.“

—  C. West Churchman American philosopher and systems scientist 1913 - 2004

Quelle: 1940s - 1950s, Introduction to Operations Research (1957), p. 8, cited in: R.L. McCown (2001) "Learning to bridge the gap between science-based decision support and the practice of farming". In: Aust. J. Agric. Res., Vol 52, p. 560-561

Ian Smith Foto

„I would be dishonest if I did not state quite clearly that the proposals which were put to us in Pretoria do not represent what in our view would be the best solution to Rhodesia's problems.“

—  Ian Smith Prime Minister of Rhodesia 1919 - 2007

Michael Knipe, "Mr Smith agrees to majority rule coming within two years", The Times, September 25, 1976, p. 1.
Statement (September 24, 1976) on negotiations in South Africa which proposed a phased transition to majority rule.

Pierre Trudeau Foto

„Liberalism is the philosophy for our time, because it does not try to conserve every tradition of the past, because it does not apply to new problems the old doctrinaire solutions, because it is prepared to experiment and innovate and because it knows that the past is less important than the future.“

—  Pierre Trudeau 15th Prime Minister of Canada 1919 - 2000

Defining liberalism at the 1968 Liberal leadership convention, as quoted in "History of the Liberal Party of Canada" (PDF at the Liberal Party website) http://web.archive.org/web/20070418135603/http://www.liberal.ca/pdf/docs/070417_lpc_history_en.pdf

Carl Sagan Foto
Kenneth Arrow Foto

„Perhaps as important is the relation between the existence of solutions to a competitive equilibrium and the problems of normative or welfare economics.“

—  Kenneth Arrow American economist 1921 - 2017

Quelle: 1950s-1960s, "Existence of an equilibrium for a competitive economy." 1954, p. 265

Gérard Debreu Foto

„Perhaps as important is the relation between the existence of solutions to a competitive equilibrium and the problems of normative or welfare economics.“

—  Gérard Debreu French economist and mathematician 1921 - 2004

Arrow, Kenneth J., and Gerard Debreu. " Existence of an equilibrium for a competitive economy http://cowles.econ.yale.edu/P/cp/p00b/p0087.pdf." Econometrica: Journal of the Econometric Society (1954): p. 265

Narendra Modi Foto

„I am constantly trying to find solutions to the problems of the nation. However, our opponents are engrossed in finding a solution to Modi. This mentality can never benefit the nation“

—  Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India 1950

Quelle: Rally in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, quoted by First Post, "Modi welcomes Paswan to NDA: 'National Development Alliance'" http://www.firstpost.com/politics/modi-welcomes-paswan-to-nda-national-development-alliance-1416863.html (3 March 2014).

C.G. Jung Foto

„The meaning and design of a problem seem not to lie in its solution, but in our working at it incessantly.“

—  C.G. Jung, buch Modern Man in Search of a Soul

Quelle: Modern Man in Search of a Soul (1933), p. 103

Isaac Asimov Foto

„There’s nothing like deduction. We’ve determined everything about our problem but the solution.“

—  Isaac Asimov, buch I, Robot

“Runaround”, p. 41; see above for the Three Laws of Robotics, also drawn from this story
I, Robot (1950)

Chinmayananda Saraswati Foto

„There is no destiny beyond and above ourselves; we are ourselves the architects of our future.“

—  Chinmayananda Saraswati Indian spiritual teacher 1916 - 1993

Quotations from Gurudev’s teachings, Chinmya Mission Chicago

Grover Cleveland Foto

„I am so completely convinced of the importance of this cause, as it is related to the solution of a problem no patriotic citizen should neglect, that I look upon every attempt to stimulate popular interest and activity in its behalf as a duty of citizenship.“

—  Grover Cleveland 22nd and 24th president of the United States 1837 - 1908

Speech in New York (12 February 1904), as quoted in speech by Edward de Veaux Morrell https://cdn.loc.gov/service/rbc/lcrbmrp/t2609/t2609.pdf (April 1904)

Albert Einstein Foto

„The chances for a problem to rise on the decision agenda are dramatically increased if a solution is attached.“

—  John W. Kingdon American political scientist 1940

Quelle: Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies - (Second Edition), Chapter 6, The Policy Primeval Soup, p. 143

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