„Reason well from the beginning and then there will never be any need to look back with confusion and doubt.“

—  Dalai Lama

The Path to Enlightenment (1994) ISBN 1559390328

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Dalai Lama Foto
Dalai Lama9
14. Dalai Lama 1935

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L. Frank Baum Foto
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Graham Greene Foto

„A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment from which to look back or from which to look ahead.“

—  Graham Greene, buch The End of the Affair

Bk. 1, ch. 1
Quelle: The End of the Affair (1951)

John Lennon Foto

„If there was any doubt about the need for social transformation in 1970, that need is clear and urgent today.“

—  Charles A. Reich American lawyer 1928 - 2019

Preface to 1995 edition of The Greening of America
Kontext: If there was any doubt about the need for social transformation in 1970, that need is clear and urgent today. … I am now more convinced than ever that the conflict and suffering now threatening to engulf us are entirely unnecessary, and a tragic waste of our energy and resources. We can create an economic system that is not at war with human beings or nature, and we can get from here to there by democratic means.

Condoleezza Rice Foto

„If you have any doubt about the degree with which this is self-defense, just look at those pictures from September 11th.“

—  Condoleezza Rice American Republican politician; U.S. Secretary of State; political scientist 1954

Interview by Wolf Blitzer on CNN http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0109/24/se.22.html, September 24, 2001.

William Lane Craig Foto
Bertrand Russell Foto

„Is there any knowledge in the world which is so certain that no reasonable man could doubt it?“

—  Bertrand Russell, The Problems of Philosophy

Quelle: 1910s, The Problems of Philosophy (1912)

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Mark Rathbun Foto

„I never doubt the gains that I got from Scientolog. I've never doubted the effectiveness of auditing. But I believe there's a real problem with the Church. The core poison is greed. I look at Scientology, and I think it's being destroyed by this quest for the buck.“

—  Mark Rathbun American whistleblower 1957

Scientology's 'heretic': How Marty Rathbun became the arch-enemy of L Ron Hubbard devotees, April 7, 2012, Guy Adams, The Independent, London, England http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/profiles/scientologys-heretic-how-marty-rathbun-became-the-archenemy-of-l-ron-hubbard-devotees-7618944.html,

John Irving Foto

„Never confuse faith, or belief — of any kind — with something even remotely intellectual.“

—  John Irving, buch Owen Meany

Quelle: A Prayer for Owen Meany (1989), ch. 9

Beverly Jenkins Foto

„There were never any characters that looked like me or my sisters or my girlfriends…Our stories needed to be told.“

—  Beverly Jenkins American author of historical and contemporary romance novels 1951

On becoming an unknowing pioneer in the romance genre in “Interviews: Beverly Jenkins” https://bookpage.com/interviews/19354-beverly-jenkins-romance#.XflqF-lKjcs in BookPage (Feb 2016)

„Women never look so well as when one comes in wet and dirty from hunting.“

—  Robert Smith Surtees English writer 1805 - 1864

Quelle: Mr. Sponge's Sporting Tour (1853), Ch. 21

Peter S. Beagle Foto

„Don't look back, and don't run. You must never run from anything immortal; it attracts their attention.“

—  Peter S. Beagle, buch The Last Unicorn

The Unicorn, to Schmendrick, as the harpy Celaeno kills Mommy Fortuna
The Last Unicorn (1982 film)

Richard Evelyn Byrd Foto

„Half the confusion in the world comes from not knowing how little we need.“

—  Richard Evelyn Byrd Medal of Honor recipient and United States Navy officer 1888 - 1957

Quelle: Alone (1938), Ch. 2

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Michael Bloomberg Foto

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