„Professor Ohlin also made an important contribution to what now might be called the macro-economic aspects of a country's balance of payments. In 1929 in the Economic Journal he engaged in a famous controversy with Keynes on the problem of transferring payments from one country to another across the foreign exchanges. In this he laid stress upon the income-expenditure effects of the reduced spending power in the paying country and of the increased spending power in the recipient country. In doing so he made use of the usual distinction between a country's imports and exports; but in addition he emphasised the importance of the less usual distinction between a country's domestic non-tradeable goods and services and its tradeable, exportable and importable, goods. I made some use of this latter distinction in my Balance of Payments; but looking back I regret that I did not let it play a much more central role in that book“

The Meaning of "Internal Balance", (1977)

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James Edward Meade Foto
James Edward Meade
britischer Ökonom 1907 - 1995

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„History is so important. It explores and tells us who we are. We should be doing more of it as a country, not less.“

—  Kate Williams (historian) British historian 1974

Studying history should not be only for the elite, say academics
The Guardian
1 May 2021
2 May 2021

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„The people are the masters of the revolution in each country. It is like putting a cart before the horse that foreigners carry out the revolution for them. The revolution can neither be exported nor imported.“

—  Kim Il-sung President of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea 1912 - 1994

Quoted in Kim Il Sung, Master of Leadership (1976) by Takagi Takeo

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„The President-elect has outlined a clear vision to transform our country’s infrastructure, accelerate economic growth and productivity, and create good paying jobs across the country. I am honored to be nominated by the President-elect to serve my beloved country as Transportation Secretary.“

—  Elaine Chao 18th and current United States Secretary of Transporation and 24th United States Secretary of Labor 1953

President-Elect Donald J. Trump to Nominate Elaine Chao as Secretary of the Department of Transportation https://greatagain.gov/president-elect-trump-to-nominate-elaine-chao-as-transportation-secretary-4735342c5a0e#.y53wy7u2j (November 29, 2016)

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