„In all these products, whether iron bridges, locomotives, automobiles, telescopes, cottages, airport-hangars, funicular railways, skyscrapers, or children's toys, the will towards a new style expresses itself. The similarity of these examples to the new creations in art consists in the same striving for clear, pure form which expresses truth in the objects.“

Quote from 'The will to Style', in Dutch art-magazine De Stijl February-March 1922; as quoted in 'Theo van Doesburg', Joost Baljeu, Studio Vista, London 1974, p. 123
1920 – 1926

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Theo van Doesburg Foto
Theo van Doesburg
niederländischer Maler und Kunsttheoretiker 1883 - 1931

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„Merz art strives for immediate expression by shortening the path from intuition to visual manifestation of the artwork.... they will receive my new work as they always have when something new presents itself: with indignation and screams of scorn.“

—  Kurt Schwitters German artist 1887 - 1948

Quelle: 'Merz Painting' (1919); as quoted in I is Style, ed. Siegfried Gohr & Gunda Luyken, NAI Publishers, Rotterdam 2000, p. 91.

Kazimir Malevich Foto

„The square is not a subconscious form. It is the creation of intuitive reason. The face of the new art. The square is a living, regal infant. The first step of pure creation in art.“

—  Kazimir Malevich Russian and Soviet artist of polish descent 1878 - 1935

Quote in 'From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism: The New Realism in Painting', Kazimir Malevich, November 1916
1910 - 1920

Andrei Tarkovsky Foto

„Art is realistic when it strives to express an ethical ideal. Realism is striving for truth, and truth is always beautiful.“

—  Andrei Tarkovsky, buch Sculpting in Time

Quelle: Sculpting in Time (1986), p. 113
Kontext: Art is realistic when it strives to express an ethical ideal. Realism is striving for truth, and truth is always beautiful. Here the aesthetic coincides with the ethical.

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Anaïs Nin Foto

„Creation which cannot express itself becomes madness.“

—  Anaïs Nin writer of novels, short stories, and erotica 1903 - 1977

October 18, 1936 Fire
Diary entries (1914 - 1974)

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