„A wise man poor
Is like a sacred book that’s never read,—
To himself he lives, and to all else seems dead.
This age thinks better of a gilded fool
Than of a threadbare saint in wisdom’s school.“

—  Thomas Dekker, Old Fortunatus

Old Fortunatus (1599).

Thomas Dekker Foto
Thomas Dekker
englischer Dramatiker 1572 - 1632

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„The friendship of one wise man is better than the friendship of a host of fools.“

—  Democritus Ancient Greek philosopher, pupil of Leucippus, founder of the atomic theory

Source Book in Ancient Philosophy (1907)

John Philip Kemble Foto

„When you read the sacred Scriptures, or any other book, never think how you read, but what you read.“

—  John Philip Kemble British actor-manager 1757 - 1823

Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 40.

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„Kerouac had lots of class — stumbling drunk in the end, but read those last books. He never blames anybody else; he always blames himself.“

—  Ken Kesey novelist 1935 - 2001

The Paris Review interview (1994)
Kontext: Kerouac had lots of class — stumbling drunk in the end, but read those last books. He never blames anybody else; he always blames himself. If there is a bad guy, it’s poor old drunk Jack, stumbling around. You never hear him railing at the government or railing at this or that. He likes trains, people, bums, cars. He just paints a wonderful picture of Norman Rockwell’s world. Of course it’s Norman Rockwell on a lot of dope.
Jack London had class. He wasn’t a very good writer, but he had tremendous class. And nobody had more class than Melville. To do what he did in Moby-Dick, to tell a story and to risk putting so much material into it. If you could weigh a book, I don’t know any book that would be more full. It’s more full than War and Peace or The Brothers Karamazov. It has Saint Elmo’s fire, and great whales, and grand arguments between heroes, and secret passions. It risks wandering far, far out into the globe. Melville took on the whole world, saw it all in a vision, and risked everything in prose that sings. You have a sense from the very beginning that Melville had a vision in his mind of what this book was going to look like, and he trusted himself to follow it through all the way.

Dogen Foto

„A fool sees himself as another, but a wise man sees others as himself.“

—  Dogen Japanese Zen buddhist teacher 1200 - 1253

Quelle: How to Cook Your Life: From the Zen Kitchen to Enlightenment

Bernard of Clairvaux Foto

„He that will teach himself in school, becomes a scholar to a fool.“

—  Bernard of Clairvaux French abbot, theologian 1090 - 1153

Epistola LXXXVII, sect. 7; translation from Notes and Queries, 3rd series, vol. 11, p. 192
Original: (la) Qui se sibi magistrum constituit, stulto se discipulum subdit.

Lin Yutang Foto

„The wise man reads both books and life itself.“

—  Lin Yutang, buch The Importance of Living

Quelle: The Importance of Living (1937), p. 388

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Alfred, Lord Tennyson Foto

„Nor is he the wisest man who never proved himself a fool.“

—  Alfred, Lord Tennyson British poet laureate 1809 - 1892

Stanza 124
Locksley Hall Sixty Years After (1886)

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„5272. Travel makes a wise Man better, but a Fool worse.“

—  Thomas Fuller (writer) British physician, preacher, and intellectual 1654 - 1734

Introductio ad prudentiam: Part II (1727), Gnomologia (1732)

Chinmayananda Saraswati Foto

„A man-of-wisdom lives in the world, but he is never of the world.“

—  Chinmayananda Saraswati Indian spiritual teacher 1916 - 1993

Quotations from Gurudev’s teachings, Chinmya Mission Chicago

John Ruskin Foto

„A little group of wise hearts is better than a wilderness full of fools.“

—  John Ruskin English writer and art critic 1819 - 1900

The Crown of Wild Olive, lecture III: War, section 114 (1866).

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