„Behr, I cannot imagine that I, as a Field Marshal, the one who out of conviction in victory for my country am responsible for the deaths of hundreds of my soldiers, should now emerge from these woods to approach Montgomery, or the Americans, with my hands in the air and say 'Here I am. Field Marshal Model, I Surrender.“

To Major Winrich Behr in the early morning hours of April 21, 1945. Quoted in "Battle for the Ruhr" - Page 378 - by Derek S. Zumbro - 2006

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Walter Model Foto
Walter Model3
deutscher Heeresoffizier, Generalfeldmarschall im Dritten R… 1891 - 1945

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A.E. Housman Foto

„Who made the world I cannot tell;
'Tis made, and here am I in hell.
My hand, though now my knuckles bleed,
I never soiled with such a deed.“

—  A.E. Housman English classical scholar and poet 1859 - 1936

No. 19, st. 2.
Quelle: More Poems http://www.kalliope.org/vaerktoc.pl?vid=housman/1936 (1936)

Sam Manekshaw Foto

„The status of the field marshal of the country or the equivalent has to be unique for the nation.“

—  Sam Manekshaw First Field marshal of the Indian Army 1914 - 2008

His remark to A.P.J.Abdul Kalam during a meeting in 2007.[A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Turning Points, http://books.google.com/books?id=HykusumG6YkC&pg=PT26, HarperCollins Publishers, 978-93-5029-543-4, 26–]

Horatio Nelson Foto

„I cannot, if I am in the field for glory, be kept out of sight.“

—  Horatio Nelson Royal Navy Admiral 1758 - 1805

Letter to his wife, Frances Nelson (2 August 1796), as published in The Dispatches and Letters of Vice Admiral Lord Viscount Nelson with Notes (1845) edited Nicholas Harris Nicolas, Vol. II : 1795-1797, p. 203
Kontext: !-- Had all my actions, my dearest Fanny, been gazetted, not one fortnight would have passed during the whole war without a letter from me: one day or other I will have a long Gazette to myself; I feel that such an opportunity will be given me. --> I cannot, if I am in the field for glory, be kept out of sight. Probably my services may be forgotten by the great, by the time I get Home; but my mind will not forget, nor cease to feel, a degree of consolation and of applause superior to undeserved rewards. Wherever there is anything to be done, there Providence is sure to direct my steps. Credit must be given me in spite of envy. <!-- Even the French respect me: their Minister at Genoa, in answering a Note of mine, when returning some wearing apparel that had been taken, said, ‘Your Nation, Sir, and mine, are made to show examples of generosity, as well as of valour, to all the people of the earth.

Arthur Hugh Clough Foto
Marie Bilders-van Bosse Foto

„I am glad I have that artistic life in me... [I'm] a nobody in my field of art... I don't overestimate myself at all, and that's why I can't get that comfort from my work [landscape painting], which the Great [artists] have in their field of art. What else to say! 50 years after my death!! I laughed about it. Do you think they will remember me after only one year? [after her death] Dear heaven! No, that is really my least concern.“

—  Marie Bilders-van Bosse painter from the Netherlands 1837 - 1900

translation from the original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek
version in original Dutch (citaat uit een brief van Marie Bilders-van Bosse, in het Nederlands:) Ik ben blij dat ik dat artistieke leven in mij heb.. ..[ik ben] een prul op mijn gebied.. ..Ik overschat mijzelven niemendal, en daarom kan ik uit mijn werk [landschap-schilderen] niet dien troost putten die de Grooten op een gebied daaruit halen. En verder! 50 jaar na mijn dood!! Ik heb er om gelachen. Denk je dat ze één jaar daarna nog aan mij zullen denken? Lieve hemel! Nee, dat is mijn minste zorg.
Quote from Marie Bilders-van Bosse in her letter from The Hague, 29 March 1896, to her friend Cornelia M. Beaujon-van Foreest; as cited in Marie Bilders-van Bosse 1837-1900 – Een Leven voor Kunst en Vriendschap, Ingelies Vermeulen & Ton Pelkmans; Kontrast ( ISBN 978-90-78215-54-7), 2008, p. 29
Marie wrote her letter shortly after a quarrel with her friend Cornelia

Sonny Bill Williams Foto

„I feel that if I am busting my arse, if I am stretching at night, if I am working hard in the gym, if I am doing all of my extras out on the field, if I am the first one there and the last to leave or whatever, and if I am giving my all every game, then I deserve to be the man I want to be rather than the man other people want me to be.“

—  Sonny Bill Williams New Zealand rugby player and heavyweight boxer 1985

Williams on the controversial nature of his flitting between football codes. Sonny Bill Williams regrets nothing http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-league/league-news/sonny-bill-williams-regrets-nothing-20131129-2yfvd.html, by Brad Walter, Sydney Morning Herald, dated 29 November 2013.

Brandon Boyd Foto

„The world's a rollercoaster,
And I am not strapped in.
Maybe I should hold with care,
But my hands are busy in the air!“

—  Brandon Boyd American rock singer, writer and visual artist 1976

Lyrics, Morning View (2001)

Erich Ludendorff Foto

„A field marshall is born, not made!“

—  Erich Ludendorff German Army officer and later Nazi leader in Adolf Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch 1865 - 1937

In an attempt to regain Ludendorff's favor, Hitler paid Ludendorff an unannounced visit in 1935 and offered to make him a field marshal. Infuriated, Ludendorff thundered back with this statement. Quoted in "World War I: Encyclopedia" - Page 716 - by Spencer Tucker, Priscilla Mary Roberts - History - 2005

Arthur Miller Foto

„I am bewildered by the death of love. And my responsibility for it.“

—  Arthur Miller, After the Fall

Quentin in After the Fall (1964) Act II
After the Fall (1964)

Jessica Lynch Foto
Jean Paul Sartre Foto

„I am responsible for everything … except for my very responsibility, for I am not the foundation of my being.“

—  Jean Paul Sartre, buch Being and Nothingness

Part 4, Chapter 1, III
Being and Nothingness (1943)
Kontext: I am responsible for everything … except for my very responsibility, for I am not the foundation of my being. Therefore everything takes place as if I were compelled to be responsible. I am abandoned in the world … in the sense that I find myself suddenly alone and without help, engaged in a world for which I bear the whole responsibility without being able, whatever I do, to tear myself away from this responsibility for an instant.

Mark Strand Foto

„In a field
I am the absence
of field.
This is
always the case.
Wherever I am
I am what is missing.“

—  Mark Strand Canadian-American poet, essayist, translator 1934 - 2014

Quelle: New Selected Poems

Walter Model Foto
Gene Wolfe Foto

„Here in two flat sentences are the best things I can say about our field on American television: Dr. Who is sometimes aired. Sometimes Battlestar Galactica is not.“

—  Gene Wolfe American science fiction and fantasy writer 1931 - 2019

Guest of Honor speech at Aussiecon Two (August 1985), as published in Castle of Days (1992)

Andrey Voznesensky Foto
Sonny Bill Williams Foto

„I feel like I am on the right path now. It has helped me with my confidence on the sporting field and with my self-belief, but outside of sport my life is a lot smoother too. Like everyone, I have my faults and I veer off the path sometimes, but my faith helps me get back on it and to stay being a good person. I am a lot happier now in my own skin.“

—  Sonny Bill Williams New Zealand rugby player and heavyweight boxer 1985

Williams on his Muslim faith. Sonny Bill Williams, the contender http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/features/the-contender/story-e6frg8h6-1226586019500, by Greg Bearup, The Australian, dated 2 March 2013.

Adolf Hitler Foto
David Rittenhouse Foto

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