„Ideas are invented only as correctives to the past. Through repeated rectifications of this kind one may hope to disengage an idea that is valid.“

A Retrospective Glance at the Lifework of a Master of Books
Fragments of a Poetics of Fire (1988)

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Gaston Bachelard
französischer Philosoph 1884 - 1962

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„The one and only test of a valid religious idea, doctrinal statement, spiritual experience, or devotional practice was that it must lead directly to practical compassion.“

—  Karen Armstrong author and comparative religion scholar from Great Britain 1944

The Spiral Staircase: My Climb Out of Darkness (2004)
Kontext: The one and only test of a valid religious idea, doctrinal statement, spiritual experience, or devotional practice was that it must lead directly to practical compassion. If your understanding of the divine made you kinder, more empathetic, and impelled you to express this sympathy in concrete acts of loving-kindness, this was good theology. But if your notion of God made you unkind, belligerent, cruel, or self-righteous, or if it led you to kill in God's name, it was bad theology. Compassion was the litmus test for the prophets of Israel, for the rabbis of the Talmud, for Jesus, for Paul, and for Muhammad, not to mention Confucius, Lao-tsu, the Buddha, or the sages of the Upanishads.

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„Begin, ephebe, by perceiving the idea
Of this invention, this invented world,
The inconceivable idea of the sun.“

—  Wallace Stevens American poet 1879 - 1955

Notes Toward a Supreme Fiction (1942), It Must Be Abstract
Kontext: p>Begin, ephebe, by perceiving the idea
Of this invention, this invented world,
The inconceivable idea of the sun.You must become an ignorant man again
And see the sun again with an ignorant eye
And see it clearly in the idea of it.Never suppose an inventing mind as source
Of this idea nor for that mind compose
A voluminous master folded in his fire.</p

„All ideas are valid in the context they were created.“

—  Carlos Gershenson Mexican researcher 1978

Quelle: Artificial Societies of Intelligent Agents (2001), p. 86

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„Wide acceptance of an idea is not proof of its validity.“

—  Dan Brown, buch The Lost Symbol

Quelle: The Lost Symbol

Mao Zedong Foto

„What should our policy be towards non-Marxist ideas? As far as unmistakable counter-revolutionaries and saboteurs of the socialist cause are concerned, the matter is easy, we simply deprive them of their freedom of speech. But incorrect ideas among the people are quite a different matter. Will it do to ban such ideas and deny them any opportunity for expression? Certainly not. It is not only futile but very harmful to use crude methods in dealing with ideological questions among the people, with questions about man's mental world. You may ban the expression of wrong ideas, but the ideas will still be there. On the other hand, if correct ideas are pampered in hothouses and never exposed to the elements and immunized against disease, they will not win out against erroneous ones. Therefore, it is only by employing the method of discussion, criticism and reasoning that we can really foster correct ideas and overcome wrong ones, and that we can really settle issues.“

—  Mao Zedong Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China 1893 - 1976

On the Correct Handling of Contradictions Among the People
Original: (zh-CN) 对于非马克思主义的思想,应该采取什么方针呢?对于明显的反革命分子,破坏社会主义事业的分子,事情好办,剥夺他们的言论自由就行了。对于人民内部的错误思想,情形就不相同。禁止这些思想,不允许这些思想有任何发表的机会,行不行呢?当然不行。对待人民内部的思想问题,对待精神世界的问题,用简单的方法去处理,不但不会收效,而且非常有害。不让发表错误意见,结果错误意见还是存在着。而正确的意见如果是在温室里培养出来的,如果没有见过风雨,没有取得免疫力,遇到错误意见就不能打胜仗。因此,只有采取讨论的方法,批评的方法,说理的方法,才能真正发展正确的意见,克服错误的意见,才能真正解决问题。

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„The idea is that the citizens of each nation, through these efforts, will grow into closer united friendship with their countrymen, without discrimination or divisions of any kind. In time it is hoped that these national efforts will overflow into worldwide understanding and friendship.“

—  George Adamski American ufologist 1891 - 1965

The Friendship Case: Space Brothers teach lessons of brotherhood – an excerpt by Gerard Aartsen Share International http://share-international.org/magazine/old_issues/2011/2011-04.htm#correo (2011)

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Frank Herbert Foto
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„Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.“

—  Napoleon Hill, buch Think and Grow Rich

Quelle: Think and Grow Rich (1938), p. 54

„On balance, the cartesian metaphor of organism as machine has proved to be a good idea. Ideas do not have to be correct in order to be good; its only necessary that, if they do fail, they do so in an interesting way.“

—  Robert Rosen American theoretical biologist 1934 - 1998

R. Rosen Life, p. 248, quoted in: Carl F Gethmann (2011) Lebenswelt und Wissenschaft. p. 139

„Whenever ideas fail, men invent words.“

—  Martin H. Fischer American university teacher (1879-1962) 1879 - 1962

Fischerisms (1944)

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„One individual may die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives.“

—  Subhas Chandra Bose Indian nationalist leader and politician 1897 - 1945

"Quotations by 60 Greatest Indians" at Institute of Information and Communication Technology http://resourcecentre.daiict.ac.in/eresources/iresources/quotations.html

Alain Foto

„Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you have only one idea.“

—  Alain French philosopher 1868 - 1951

Propos sur le Religion no. 74 (1938), under the pen name Alain.
Alternate translation: “Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when it's the only one we have.” IZQuotes https://izquotes.com/quote/%C3%A9mile-chartier/nothing-is-more-dangerous-than-an-idea-when-you-have-only-one-idea-390165 (retrieved 10/30/18).

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„Because it's the best idea ever invented in the history of the world!“

—  Russell T. Davies Screenwriter, former executive producer of Doctor Who 1963

Russell T. Davies, responding to the question, "Why do you think people love Doctor Who so much?" on BBC Wales Today (20 July 2004)

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