„The ultimate reflection of the Creator’s glory will be the redemption and glorification of our bodies, when at the rapture, our bodies are transformed into the image of Christ. (1 Thess. 4:116-17; 1 Cor. 15:51-56).“

Quelle: Heaven Revealed (Moody, 2011), p. 75

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Paul P. Enns Foto
Paul P. Enns48
American theologian 1937

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„Before the resurrection, we will have an intermediate body. Our final body will be like Christ’s.“

—  Paul P. Enns American theologian 1937

Quelle: Heaven Revealed (Moody, 2011), p. 77

Michael Pollan Foto

„Ultimately, this appointment is not about me; it is about Jesus Christ, and about how we, as living members of the body of Christ, bring him to the world by the way we live out our baptismal vocation with love.“

—  Anthony Randazzo Australian bishop 1966

Bishop Randazzo to lead Diocese of Broken Bay https://www.catholicweekly.com.au/bishop-randazzo-to-lead-diocese-of-broken-bay/ (October 7, 2019)

Frances Moore Lappé Foto
Rukmini Devi Arundale Foto

„We dance with our bodies, but we finally forget them and transform them.“

—  Rukmini Devi Arundale Indian Bharatnatyam dancer 1904 - 1986

pdf, A Century of Negotiations: The Changing Sphere of the Woman Dancer in India, 1 December 2013, Performancestudies.ucla.edu, 15-16 http://www.performancestudies.ucla.edu/downloads/SarkarNegotiation.pdf.,

„When uncle Eddie does his impression of 'Like a Virgin' it's like Madonna is coming out of his body!'
Christ what an image.“

—  Louise Rennison, buch Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

Quelle: Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging

Aurelius Augustinus Foto
Julian of Norwich Foto

„Thus Christ is our Way, us surely leading in His laws, and Christ in His body mightily beareth us up into heaven.“

—  Julian of Norwich English theologian and anchoress 1342 - 1416

Summations, Chapter 55

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky Foto

„God, through Jesus Christ, is the victory, and the renewed earth will reflect that glory.“

—  Paul P. Enns American theologian 1937

Quelle: Heaven Revealed (Moody, 2011), p. 110

Eusebius of Caesarea Foto
Imre Kertész Foto

„My body is foreign to me that body that sustains me and will, ultimately, kill me.“

—  Imre Kertész, buch Kaddish for an Unborn Child

Kaddish for a Child Not Born (1990)

Thich Nhat Hanh Foto

„We have to remember that our body is not limited to what lies within the boundary of our skin. Our body is much more immense.“

—  Thich Nhat Hanh Religious leader and peace activist 1926

The Sun My Heart (1996)
Kontext: We have to remember that our body is not limited to what lies within the boundary of our skin. Our body is much more immense. We know that if our heart stops beating, the flow of our life will stop, but we do not take the time to notice the many things outside of our bodies that are equally essential for our survival. If the ozone layer around our Earth were to disappear for even an instant, we would die. If the sun were to stop shining, the flow of our life would stop. The sun is our second heart, our heart outside of our body. It gives all life on Earth the warmth necessary for existence. Plants live thanks to the sun. Their leaves absorb the sun's energy, along with carbon dioxide from the air, to produce food for the tree, the flower, the plankton. And thanks to plants, we and other animals can live. All of us—people, animals, plants, and minerals—"consume" the sun, directly and indirectly. We cannot begin to describe all the effects of the sun, that great heart outside of our body.
When we look at green vegetables, we should know that it is the sun that is green and not just the vegetables. The green color in the leaves of the vegetables is due to the presence of the sun. Without the sun, no living being could survive. Without sun, water, air, and soil, there would be no vegetables. The vegetables are the coming-together of many conditions near and far.

Novalis Foto

„We touch Heaven, when we lay our hand on a human body.“

—  Novalis German poet and writer 1772 - 1801

Variant translation: There is but one temple in the Universe and that is the Body of Man.
As inscribed on the Library of Congress, quoted in Handbook of the New Library of Congress (1897) by Herbert Small, p. 53
Novalis (1829)
Kontext: There is but one Temple in the World; and that is the Body of Man. Nothing is holier than this high form. Bending before men is a reverence done to this Revelation in the Flesh. We touch Heaven, when we lay our hand on a human body.

Mike Huckabee Foto

„When our founding fathers put their signatures on the Declaration of Independence, those 56 brave people, most of whom by the way were clergymen, they said that we had certain inalienable rights given to us by our creator, and among these life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, life being one of them. I still believe that.“

—  Mike Huckabee Arkansas politician 1955

Republican Presidential Debate, 2007-10-21, quoted in [The Republican Debate on Fox News Channel, 2007-10-21, The New York Times, http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/21/us/politics/21debate-transcript.html?pagewanted=9, 2011-03-01]
asked his opinion on Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's position to do nothing to change the laws that keep abortion legal
Republican Debates

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