„Art thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers?
O sweet content!
Art thou rich, yet is thy mind perplex'd?
O punishment!“

Poem Sweet Content http://www.bartleby.com/101/204.html

Thomas Dekker Foto
Thomas Dekker
englischer Dramatiker 1572 - 1632

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Geoffrey Chaucer Foto

„O little booke, thou art so unconning,
How darst thou put thy-self in prees for drede?“

—  Geoffrey Chaucer English poet 1343 - 1400

The Flower and the Leaf, line 59
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)

Jonathan Swift Foto

„So weak thou art, that fools thy power despise;
And yet so strong, thou triumph'st o'er the wise.“

—  Jonathan Swift Anglo-Irish satirist, essayist, and poet 1667 - 1745

To Love, found in Miss Vanhom­righ's desk after her death, in Swift's hand­writing

Thomas Fuller (writer) Foto
John Milton Foto
William Shakespeare Foto

„O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?“

—  William Shakespeare, buch Romeo und Julia

Juliet, Act II, scene ii.
Quelle: Romeo and Juliet (1595)

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Robert Seymour Bridges Foto
George Granville, 1st Baron Lansdowne Foto

„Whoe'er thou art, thy Lord and master see,
Thou wast my Slave, thou art, or thou shalt be.“

—  George Granville, 1st Baron Lansdowne 1st Baron Lansdowne 1666 - 1735

Inscription for a Figure representing the God of Love. See Genuine Works. (1732) I. 129. Version of a Greek couplet from the Greek Anthology.

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William Morris Foto
William Shakespeare Foto
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„I fight with other voices, other arms than thine. Though thou art conquered, yet art thou of the army which is never vanquished. Remember that and thou wilt fight even unto death.“

—  Romain Rolland French author 1866 - 1944

Jean-Christophe (1904 - 1912), Journey's End: The Burning Bush (1911)
Kontext: "Thou art not alone, and thou dost not belong to thyself. Thou art one of My voices, thou art one of My arms. Speak and strike for Me. But if the arm be broken, or the voice be weary, then still I hold My ground: I fight with other voices, other arms than thine. Though thou art conquered, yet art thou of the army which is never vanquished. Remember that and thou wilt fight even unto death."
"Lord, I have suffered much!"
"Thinkest thou that I do not suffer also? For ages death has hunted Me and nothingness has lain in wait for Me. It is only by victory in the fight that I can make My way. The river of life is red with My blood."
"Fighting, always fighting?"
"We must always fight. God is a fighter, even He Himself. God is a conqueror. He is a devouring lion. Nothingness hems Him in and He hurls it down. And the rhythm of the fight is the supreme harmony. Such harmony is not for thy mortal ears. It is enough for thee to know that it exists. Do thy duty in peace and leave the rest to the Gods."

Richard Francis Burton Foto

„Conquer thyself, till thou hast done this, thou art but a slave; for it is almost as well to be subjected to another's appetite as to thine own.“

—  Richard Francis Burton British explorer, geographer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, cartographer, ethnologist, spy, linguist, poet,… 1821 - 1890

As quoted in The New Dictionary of Thoughts : A Cyclopedia of Quotations from the Best Authors of the World, Both Ancient and Modern, Alphabetically Arranged by Subjects (1957) by Tryon Edwards, p. 510

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