„Rudolf Hess yells this out from his cell when Streicher refused to get dressed for his execution, 10/16/46“

Bravo, Streicher!
Prisoner #7: Rudolph Hess (1974)


Bravo, Streicher!

Prisoner #7: Rudolph Hess (1974)

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Rudolf Heß Foto
Rudolf Heß4
deutscher Politiker (NSDAP), MdR 1894 - 1987

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Don DeLillo Foto

„My head spins as I glance away, refusing to get sucked back into his gaze when so much is at risk.“

—  Emily Giffin American writer 1972

Quelle: Love the One You're With

Thomas Merton Foto
Don DeLillo Foto
Karl Mannheim Foto
Nicolás Gómez Dávila Foto

„The supreme aristocrat is not the feudal lord in his castle but the contemplative monk in his cell.“

—  Nicolás Gómez Dávila Colombian writer and philosopher 1913 - 1994

Escolios a un Texto Implicito (1977), Volume One

Hartley Shawcross, Baron Shawcross Foto

„There comes a point when a man must refuse to answer to his leader if he is also to answer to his own conscience.“

—  Hartley Shawcross, Baron Shawcross British politician 1902 - 2003

Statement as UK prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials (1945), as quoted in The Nuremberg Trials (1983) by Ann Tusa and John Tusa, ISBN 0815412622

Natalie Portman Foto

„I had a fashion designer tell me that when I wear a dress of his, it sells out across the country because Jewish girls ‘look to me,’ and Jewish girls are the ones that buy expensive dresses. It made me sad, because I want to be an influence in ways other than by a pretty dress.“

—  Natalie Portman Israeli-American actress 1981

Interview, Jewish Chronicle, 6 July 2007 http://thejc.com/home.aspx?AId=44797&ATypeId=1&search=true2&srchstr=Natalie%20Portman&srchtxt=1&srchhead=1&srchauthor=1&srchsandp=1&scsrch=0

Jacques Plante Foto

„My knees started to shake. In the dressing room that night, I was so nervous I couldn't tie my skates. Maurice Richard walked over and held out his hands. 'Look at them,' he said. 'They shake before a big game. You'll feel better when you get out on the ice.“

—  Jacques Plante Canadian ice hockey player 1929 - 1986

Plante recalls his first playoff game, which he won 3–0.
Quoted in Kevin Shea, "One on One with Jacques Plante," http://www.legendsofhockey.net/html/spot_oneononep197802.htm Legends of Hockey.net (2005-05-24)

Andrew Jackson Foto

„The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe.“

—  Andrew Jackson American general and politician, 7th president of the United States 1767 - 1845

"Proclamation to the people of Louisiana" from Mobile (21 September 1814).

Camille Paglia Foto
Bayard Rustin Foto

„When an individual is protesting society's refusal to acknowledge his dignity as a human being, his very act of protest confers dignity on him.“

—  Bayard Rustin American civil rights activist and gay rights activist 1912 - 1987

The Mirage of Dignity on the Highways of Human 'progress': - the bystanders' perspective - , by Lukman Harees, p xv, 2012.

Cassandra Clare Foto
Imelda Marcos Foto

„When I go out into the barrios, I get dressed because I know my little people want to see a star.“

—  Imelda Marcos Former First Lady of the Philippines 1929

Quoted in The Los Angeles Times (1980).
Kontext: I am my little people's star and slave. When I go out into the barrios, I get dressed because I know my little people want to see a star. Other presidents' wives have gone to the barrios wearing housedresses and slippers. That's not what people want to see. People want someone they can love, someone to set an example.

Sigmund Freud Foto

„It often seems that the poet's derisive comment is not unjustified when he says of the philosopher: "With his nightcaps and the tatters of his dressing-gown he patches the gaps in the structure of the universe."“

—  Sigmund Freud Austrian neurologist known as the founding father of psychoanalysis 1856 - 1939

1930s, "New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-analysis" https://books.google.com/books/about/New_Introductory_Lectures_on_Psycho_anal.html?id=hIqaep1qKRYC&printsec=frontcover&source=kp_read_button#v=onepage&q&f=false (1933)

Theodor Morell Foto
Simone Weil Foto

„The faith is the only creating power. The father of the universe. The love is the only vitalizing power. The mother of the universe. Who refuses his father, loses his clearness. Who refuses his mother, loses his warmth.“

—  Róbert Puzsér hungarian publicist 1974

Quotes from him, Source
Original: (hu) A hit az egyetlen teremtő erő. A mindenség apja. A szeretet az egyetlen éltető erő. A mindenség anyja. Aki megtagadja apját, elveszti világosságát. Aki megtagadja anyját, elveszti melegségét. (Source)

Alan Keyes Foto
Tulsidas Foto

„God refuses to be mine,
thine or his.
For him the truth is but one
but the proud and the vain have forged many out of their desires and fancies.“

—  Tulsidas Hindu poet-saint 1532 - 1623

Tulsidas in "A Garden of Deeds: Ramacharitmanas, a Message of Human Ethics", p. 36

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