„Edward, Edward," he said with a patronising smile, "there are no unanswered questions of any relevance. Every question that we need to ask has been answered fully. If you can't find the correct answer then you are obviously asking the wrong question.“

Shades of Grey (2010), p206

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Jasper Fforde2
britischer Schriftsteller 1961

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„If the answer is more politicians, you are asking the wrong question.“

—  John Major Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1943

Attributed to Major by Vernon Bogdanor, " Why the Lords doesn't need more politicians http://www.telegraph.co.uk/opinion/main.jhtml?xml=/opinion/2007/02/11/do1104.xml", Sunday Telegraph, 11 February 2007

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„When it is a child you ask a lot of questions and ask for answers. When you are an adult you avoid many questions, to avoid unnecessary answers.“

—  Prevale Italian DJ and producer 1983

From the Aphorisms http://www.prevale.net/aphorisms.html page of the official website of Prevale
Original: (it) Quando si è bimbi si fanno tante domande pretendendo altrettante risposte. Quando si è adulti si evitano molte domande, per evitare inutili risposte.

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„He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions.“

—  Confucius Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher -551 - -479 v.Chr

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„Once they have you asking the wrong questions. They don't have to worry about the answers.“

—  Thomas Pynchon, buch Die Enden der Parabel

Variante: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
Quelle: Gravity's Rainbow

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„There were a significant number of questions I had asked myself and, as you know, when you really ask yourself the questions, you give better answers than if we merely read the conventional answers.“

—  Albert Messiah French physicist 1921 - 2013

Il y avait un nombre important de questions que je m'étais posées et, comme vous le savez, lorsqu'on se pose vraiment les questions, on donne de meilleures réponses que si l'on se contente de lire les réponses convenues.
explaining how he came to write his textbook on quantum mechanics, in Descente au coeur de la matière, an interview edited by [Stéphane Deligeorges, Le monde quantique, Editions du Seuil, Sciences et Avenir, 1984, 2020089084, 111]

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„If eval() is the answer, you're almost certainly asking the wrong question.“

—  Rasmus Lerdorf Danish programmer and creator of PHP 1968

PHP.net: eval http://php.net/eval, Anonymous comment, 2004
PHP in a Nutshell https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/php-in-a/0596100671/re47.html by Paul Hudson, 2005

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„The way a question is asked limits and disposes the ways in which any answer to it—right or wrong—may be given.“

—  Susanne K. Langer, buch Philosophy in a New Key

Quelle: Philosophy in a New Key (1942), Ch. 1, p. 1

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„Love is the answer to a question I have forgotten, but I know I've been asked. And the answer has got to be love.“

—  Regina Spektor American singer-songwriter and pianist 1980

"Reading Time With Pickle
Songs (2002)

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