„.. the terror to expect. Hiroshima showed it to us. The terror has indeed become as real as life.“

Quote from Newman's essay of 1945, as cited in: Abstract Expressionism, Davind Anfam, Thames and Hudson Ltd., London 1990, p. 20
1940 - 1950

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Barnett Newman Foto
Barnett Newman
US-amerikanischer Maler und Bildhauer 1905 - 1970

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Bashar al-Assad Foto

„There is no such things as "Islamic terrorism," because terrorism differs from Islam. There's just terrorism, not Islamic terrorism. But the term "Islamic terrorism" has become widespread.“

—  Bashar al-Assad President of Syria 1965

"If Sanctions Are Imposed on Syria, the Entire World Will Pay the Price" http://www.memritv.org/Transcript.asp?P1=958, MEMRI (Dec. 2005)

John Ashcroft Foto
Paulo Coelho Foto

„Terror, terror, terror. Life was a reign o terror in the shadow of the guillotine.“

—  Paulo Coelho Brazilian lyricist and novelist 1947

The Devil and Miss Prym‎ [O Demônio e a srta Prym] (2000), p. 86.

Bruce Schneier Foto
Penn Jillette Foto

„Atheism is the only real hope against terrorism.“

—  Penn Jillette American magician 1955

"Morality, Religion And Bullsh*T: An Interview With Penn Jillette" by Ryan Shaffer, at the American Humanist Association (December 2012) http://americanhumanist.org/HNN/details/2012-12-morality-religion-and-bullsht-an-interview-with-penn

Friedrich Nietzsche Foto
Al Gore Foto
Joseph Massad Foto
Noam Chomsky Foto

„It's only terrorism if they do it to us. When we do much worse to them, it's not terrorism.“

—  Noam Chomsky american linguist, philosopher and activist 1928

Quelle: Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

Michael Prysner Foto
Fidel Castro Foto
Charles Bukowski Foto

„terror finally becomes almost
but never quite

terror creeps like a cat
crawls like a cat
across my mind“

—  Charles Bukowski, buch Love Is a Dog from Hell

Quelle: Love Is a Dog from Hell

Oscar Wilde Foto
Theresa May Foto

„Terrorism breeds terrorism.“

—  Theresa May Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1956

Speech after the London Bridge attack (4 June 2017)

Robert Fisk Foto

„Terrorism' is a word that has become a plague on our vocabulary, the excuse and reason and moral permit for state-sponsored violence - our violence - which is now used on the innocent of the Middle East ever more outrageously and promiscuously. Terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. It has become a full stop, a punctuation mark, a phrase, a speech, a sermon, the be-all and end-all of everything that we must hate in order to ignore injustice and occupation and murder on a mass scale. Terror, terror, terror, terror. It is a sonata, a symphony, an orchestra tuned to every television and radio station and news agency report, the soap-opera of the Devil, served up on prime-time or distilled in wearyingly dull and mendacious form by the right-wing 'commentators' of the America east coast or the Jerusalem Post or the intellectuals of Europe. Strike against Terror. Victory over Terror. War on Terror. Everlasting War on Terror. Rarely in history have soldiers and journalists and presidents and kings aligned themselves in such thoughtless, unquestioning ranks. In August 1914, the soldiers thought they would be home by Christmas. Today, we are fighting for ever. The war is eternal. The enemy is eternal, his face changing on our screens. Once he lived in Cairo and sported a moustache and nationalised the Suez Canal. Then he lived in Tripoli and wore a ridiculous military uniform and helped the IRA and bombed American bars in Berlin. Then he wore a Muslim Imam's gown and ate yoghurt in Tehran and planned Islamic revolution. Then he wore a white gown and lived in a cave in Afghanistan and then he wore another silly moustache and resided in a series of palaces around Baghdad. Terror, terror, terror. Finally, he wore a kuffiah headdress and outdated Soviet-style military fatigues, his name was Yassir Arafat, and he was the master of world terror and then a super-statesman and then again, a master of terror, linked by Israeli enemies to the terror-Meister of them all, the one who lived in the Afghan cave.“

—  Robert Fisk English writer and journalist 1946

The Great War for Civilization (2005)

„How can Blair fight a war on terror? Terror is not an ideology or an army; terror is a technique.“

—  David Hockney British artist 1937

Interview with Jasper Gerard, "Taking the fight to the dreary people" http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,2092-1806962,00.html The Sunday Times (London)

Alexander Berkman Foto

„Once on the road of terrorism, the State necessarily becomes estranged from the people.“

—  Alexander Berkman, buch The Bolshevik Myth

"The Bolshevik Myth" in Anarchism : A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas, Vol. 1 (2005) edited by Robert Graham, p. 312. <!-- Montreal: Black Rose Books -->
Kontext: Terrorism is tempting with its tremendous possibilities. It offers a mechanical solution, as it were, in hopeless situations. … the principles of terrorism unavoidably rebound to the fatal injury of liberty and revolution. Absolute power corrupts and defeats its partisans no less than its opponents. A people that knows not liberty becomes accustomed to dictatorship: fighting despotism and counter-revolution, terrorism itself becomes their efficient school. Once on the road of terrorism, the State necessarily becomes estranged from the people.

Newton Lee Foto

„The Sony saga has brought to light a hidden sinister: Cyber terrorism has reached a whole new level by combining cyber attacks and threats of physical terrorism.“

—  Newton Lee American computer scientist

Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity: Total Information Awareness (2nd Edition), 2015

Kage Baker Foto

„Terrorism was too tame for the Scots: they used lawyers.“

—  Kage Baker, buch The Graveyard Game

Quelle: The Graveyard Game (2001), Chapter 14, “London, 2142” (p. 113)

Karen Demirchyan Foto

„Terrorism has no motherland and terrorists have no nationality.“

—  Karen Demirchyan Soviet politician 1932 - 1999

October 20, 1999. Quoted in article, "Russian premier says Armenia supports Russia's anti-terrorism policy" - BBC News.

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