„To be free is of the essence of every intellectual being.“

Freedom in the Modern World, (1933, Notre Dame Edition), p. 6.

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Jacques Maritain1
französischer Philosoph 1882 - 1973

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„I understand Being in all and over all, as there is nothing without participation in Being, and there is no being without Essence. Thus nothing can be free of the Divine Presence.“

—  Giordano Bruno Italian philosopher, mathematician and astronomer 1548 - 1600

As quoted in "Giordano Bruno" - Theosophy Vol. 26, No. 8 (June 1938) http://www.wisdomworld.org/setting/bruno.html

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„The free lunch is the essence of modern liberalism.“

—  Charles Krauthammer American journalist 1950 - 2018

2010s, 2013, Obamacare laid bare (2013)

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„The essence of a free government consists in an effectual control of rivalries.“

—  John Adams 2nd President of the United States 1735 - 1826

No. 13
1790s, Discourses on Davila (1790)
Kontext: Property must be secured, or liberty cannot exist. But if unlimited or unbalanced power of disposing property, be put into the hands of those who have no property, France will find, as we have found, the lamb committed to the custody of the wolf. In such a case, all the pathetic exhortations and addresses of the national assembly to the people, to respect property, will be regarded no more than the warbles of the songsters of the forest. The great art of law-giving consists in balancing the poor against the rich in the legislature, and in constituting the legislative a perfect balance against the executive power, at the same time that no individual or party can become its rival. The essence of a free government consists in an effectual control of rivalries. The executive and the legislative powers are natural rivals; and if each has not an effectual control over the other, the weaker will ever be the lamb in the paws of the wolf. The nation which will not adopt an equilibrium of power must adopt a despotism. There is no other alternative. Rivalries must be controlled, or they will throw all things into confusion; and there is nothing but despotism or a balance of power which can control them.

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„Is it the result of impotent rage? Is it because there is being written upon every orthodox brain a certificate of intellectual inferiority?“

—  Robert G. Ingersoll Union United States Army officer 1833 - 1899

My Reviewers Reviewed (lecture from June 27, 1877, San Francisco, CA)
Kontext: It is a mystery to me why the editors of religious papers are so malicious, why they endeavor to answer argument with calumny. Is it because they feel the sceptre slowly slipping from their hands? Is it the result of impotent rage? Is it because there is being written upon every orthodox brain a certificate of intellectual inferiority?

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„Every intellectual effort is bent towards committing the most diversified violations upon the human being.“

—  Octave Mirbeau French journalist, art critic, travel writer, pamphleteer, novelist, and playwright 1848 - 1917

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„Since god is intellectual, and all intellect returns into itself, this myth expresses in allegory the essence of god.“

—  Sallustius Roman philosopher and writer

IV. That the species of myth are five, with examples of each.
On the Gods and the Cosmos
Kontext: Of myths some are theological, some physical, some psychic, and again some material, and some mixed from these last two. The theological are those myths which use no bodily form but contemplate the very essence of the Gods: e. g., Kronos swallowing his children. Since god is intellectual, and all intellect returns into itself, this myth expresses in allegory the essence of god.
Myths may be regarded physically when they express the activities of the Gods in the world: e. g., people before now have regarded Kronos as time, and calling the divisions of time his sons say that the sons are swallowed by the father.
The psychic way is to regard the activities of the soul itself; the soul's acts of thought, though they pass on to other objects, nevertheless remain inside their begetters.
The material and last is that which the Egyptians have mostly used, owing to their ignorance, believing material objects actually to be Gods, and so calling them: e. g., they call the earth Isis, moisture Osiris, heat Typhon, or again, water Kronos, the fruits of the earth Adonis, and wine Dionysus.
To say that these objects are sacred to the Gods, like various herbs and stones and animals, is possible to sensible men, but to say that they are Gods is the notion of madmen — except, perhaps, in the sense in which both the orb of the sun and the ray which comes from the orb are colloquially called "the sun".

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„The ability to do, to make, to generate and contribute is the essence of a human being.“

—  Vanna Bonta Italian-American writer, poet, inventor, actress, voice artist (1958-2014) 1958 - 2014

State of the Art (2000)

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„The essence is that I leave something of me in every role — not 100 per cent.“

—  Shahrukh Khan Indian actor, producer and television personality 1965

From interview with Amrita Mulchandani

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„Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong.“

—  David Fasold American sailor 1939 - 1998

Quelle: [Pickover, Clifford, The Mathematics of Oz, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 47, 2002, 0521016789] From [Fasold, David, The Ark of Noah, Wynwood, 1988, New York, 0922066108]

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„To blend, without coercion, the individual good and the common good is the essence of citizenship in a free country.“

—  Dwight D. Eisenhower American general and politician, 34th president of the United States (in office from 1953 to 1961) 1890 - 1969

Columbia University Inaugural Address http://www.eisenhower.archives.gov/education/bsa/citizenship_merit_badge/eisenhower_citizenship_quotations.pdf (12 October 1948)

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