„Carmody’s jaw stiffened and he withdrew his hand. He had been pushed around long enough. Now, for the sake of his own self-esteem, he would not yield any more.“

—  Robert Sheckley, buch Dimension of Miracles

Quelle: Dimension of Miracles (1968), Chapter 4 (p. 31)

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Robert Sheckley Foto
Robert Sheckley
US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller 1928 - 2005

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„He had no right to take the law into his own hands.“

—  Lloyd Kenyon, 1st Baron Kenyon British Baron 1732 - 1802

Tarleton v. McGawley (1795), 2 Peake, N. P. Ca. 208

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„No man was more foolish when he had not a pen in his hand, or more wise when he had.“

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„God is indeed dead.
He died of self-horror
when He saw the creature He had made
in His own image.“

—  Irving Layton Romanian-born Canadian poet 1912 - 2006

The Whole Bloody Bird (1969)

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