„It is in the world of words, amid the dull but perhaps necessary detail of every-day events—that quotations come with a warmth and a welcome upon memory, and like Milton's fish, "Show to the sun their wav'd coats dropt with gold." …In the dry and laboring essay, amid the windings of many words and the accumulation of antecedents, we hail their sudden and familiar appearances as patches of Nature's green to repose on by the way; their "dulcet and harmonious breath" animates a train of associations that dwell in the most sylvan haunts of emotion and sentiment; to their fountains of "loosened silver" we turn for a refreshing and a pleasant abstraction.“

Sketches from Life (1846)

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Samuel Laman Blanchard Foto
Samuel Laman Blanchard40
British author and journalist 1804 - 1845

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Wallace Stevens Foto

„A breath upon her hand
Muted the night.
She turned —
A cymbal crashed,
Amid roaring horns.“

—  Wallace Stevens American poet 1879 - 1955

Peter Quince at the Clavier (1915)

William H. McNeill Foto

„The rise of Islam offers perhaps the most impressive example in world history of the power of words to alter human behavior in sudden, surprising ways.“

—  William H. McNeill Canadian historian 1917 - 2016

Quelle: Keeping Together in Time (1995), Ch. 4: Religious Ceremonies.

Nikos Kazantzakis Foto
Ralph Waldo Emerson Foto

„We are students of words: we are shut up in schools, and colleges, and recitation -rooms, for ten or fifteen years, and come out at last with a bag of wind, a memory of words, and do not know a thing.“

—  Ralph Waldo Emerson American philosopher, essayist, and poet 1803 - 1882

Quelle: Essays Including Essays, First & Second Series, English Traits, Nature & Considerations by the Way

Torquato Tasso Foto

„Love the servant of gold is the greatest,
foulest, most abominable monster
created on earth or amid the sea's waves.“

—  Torquato Tasso, Aminta

Amor servo de l'oro, è il maggior mostro,
Et il più abominabile, e il più sozzo,
Che produca la terra, o 'l mar frà l'onde.
Act II, scene i.
Aminta (1573)

Carl Van Doren Foto

„The most familiar quotations are the most likely to be misquoted.“

—  Carl Van Doren American biographer 1885 - 1950

As quoted in The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (1941) by Alice Mary Smyth, p. vii
Kontext: The most familiar quotations are the most likely to be misquoted. Some misquotations are still variable, some have settled down to false versions that have obscured the true ones. They have passed over from literature into speech.

Letitia Elizabeth Landon Foto
Joseph Conrad Foto

„To a teacher of languages there comes a time when the world is but a place of many words and man appears a mere talking animal not much more wonderful than a parrot.“

—  Joseph Conrad, buch Under Western Eyes

Pt. I
Under Western Eyes (1911)
Kontext: Words, as is well known, are the great foes of reality. I have been for many years a teacher of languages. It is an occupation which at length becomes fatal to whatever share of imagination, observation, and insight an ordinary person may be heir to. To a teacher of languages there comes a time when the world is but a place of many words and man appears a mere talking animal not much more wonderful than a parrot.

Mwanandeke Kindembo Foto
Thomas Hood Foto

„She stood breast-high amid the corn
Clasped by the golden light of morn,
Like the sweetheart of the sun,
Who many a glowing kiss had won.“

—  Thomas Hood, Ruth

Ruth; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).
20th century

Alfred Noyes Foto
Paul Gauguin Foto

„Don't copy nature too closely. Art is an abstraction; as you dream amide nature, extrapolate art from it and concentrate on what you will create as a result.“

—  Paul Gauguin French Post-Impressionist artist 1848 - 1903

Quelle: 1870s - 1880s, The Writings of a Savage (1996), pp. 5 & 22: Gauguin is advising a fellow painter, 1885

Margaret Mitchell Foto
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Foto

„Amid the pressure of great events, a general principle gives no help.“

—  Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, buch Lectures on the Philosophy of History

Lectures on the Philosophy of History (1832), Volume 1

Auguste Rodin Foto

„No sudden inspiration can replace the long years of arduous labor necessary to train the eye to observe, the hand to reproduce.“

—  Auguste Rodin French sculptor 1840 - 1917

RODIN, AUGUSTE. L'Art. Entretiens réunis par Paul Gsell, 1911

Petra Němcová Foto

„I became quite green - I have a very strong connection to nature. I read that if we fish the way we fish, in 2048 there will be no more fish left, which is pretty soon. So it's a statement.“

—  Petra Němcová Czech fashion model 1979

Explaining why she became vegan, spotted helping out at an OCRF Benefit, as quoted in "Petra Nemcova Goes Vegan For The Fish", in Celebrity-Gossip.net (31 July 2007) http://www.celebrity-gossip.net/celebrities/hollywood/petra-nemcova-goes-vegan-for-the-fish-201498#blog.

„The golden sun rose from the silver wave,
And with his beams enamelled every green.“

—  Edward Fairfax English translator 1580 - 1635

Book I, stanza 35
Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered (1600)

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