„Your bounty is beyond my speaking;
But though my mouth be dumb, my heart shall thank you.“

Jane Shore (1714), Act II, scene 1.

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Nicholas Rowe
englischer Beamter, Dichter und Dramatiker 1674 - 1718

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„Some one else is speaking with my mouth, but I'm listening only to my heart.“

—  Bob Dylan American singer-songwriter, musician, author, and artist 1941

Song lyrics, Infidels (1983), I and I

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Cassandra Clare Foto
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„Heart, my heart, so battered with misfortune far beyond your strength,
up, and face the men who hate us.“

—  Archilochus Ancient Greek lyric poet -680 - -645 v.Chr

Fragment 67, as translated by R. Lattimore http://www.rhapsodes.fll.vt.edu/arkhilokhos67.htm
Variant translations:
Soul, my soul, don't let them break you,
all these troubles. Never yield:
though their force is overwhelming,
up! attack them shield to shield...
"Archilochos: To His Soul" : A fragment http://web.archive.org/20030629194753/geocities.com/joncpoetics/translations/Archsoul.htm as translated from the Greek by Jon Corelis http://web.archive.org/20030805055937/www.geocities.com/joncpoetics/
Take the joy and bear the sorrow,
looking past your hopes and fears:
learn to recognize the measured
dance that orders all our years.
"Archilochos: To His Soul" : A fragment, as translated from the Greek by Jon Corelis
Original: (el) θυμέ, θύμ᾽ ἀμηχάνοισι κήδεσιν κυκώμενε,
ἄνα δέ, δυσμενέων δ᾽ ἀλέξευ προσβαλὼν ἐναντίον
στέρνον, ἐν δοκοῖσιν ἐχθρῶν πλησίον κατασταθείς
ἀσφαλέως· καὶ μήτε νικῶν ἀμφαδὴν ἀγάλλεο
μηδὲ νικηθεὶς ἐν οἴκωι καταπεσὼν ὀδύρεο.
ἀλλὰ χαρτοῖσίν τε χαῖρε καὶ κακοῖσιν ἀσχάλα
μὴ λίην· γίνωσκε δ᾽ οἷος ῥυσμὸς ἀνθρώπους ἔχει.
Kontext: Heart, my heart, so battered with misfortune far beyond your strength,
up, and face the men who hate us. Bare your chest to the assault
of the enemy, and fight them off. Stand fast among the beamlike spears.
Give no ground; and if you beat them, do not brag in open show,
nor, if they beat you, run home and lie down on your bed and cry.
Keep some measure in the joy you take in luck, and the degree you
give way to sorrow. All our life is up-and-down like this.

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„Your face is my heart Sassenach, and the love of you is my soul“

—  Diana Gabaldon, buch Drums of Autumn

Variante: Your face is my heart
Quelle: Drums of Autumn

Cassandra Clare Foto

„My heart is your heart," he said. "My hands are your hands.“

—  Cassandra Clare, The City of Lost Souls

Variante: And what if I'm the one who kills him?" "My heart is your heart," he said, "My hands are your hands.
Quelle: City of Lost Souls

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„The whole past and the whole world are alive in my heart, and I shall do my part to communicate their presence to my readers.“

—  George Sarton American historian of science 1884 - 1956

A History of Science Vol.2 Hellenistic Science and Culture in the Last Three Centuries B.C. (1959)

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„Shall we dance, friend of my heart?“

—  Christopher Paolini, buch Eragon - Der Auftrag des Ältesten

Quelle: Eldest (2005)

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James A. Garfield Foto

„Blest pair! if aught my verse avail,
No day shall make your memory fail
From off the heart of time.“

—  John Conington British classical scholar 1825 - 1869

Quelle: Translations, The Aeneid of Virgil (1866), Book IX, p. 324

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