„Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.“

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The Tonight Show

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Conan O’Brien Foto
Conan O’Brien
US-amerikanischer Fernsehmoderator und Entertainer 1963

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„Every child saved with my help and the help of all the wonderful secret messengers, who today are no longer living, is the justification of my existence on this earth, and not a title to glory.“

—  Irena Sendler Polish resistance fighter and Holocaust rescuer 1910 - 2008

Letter to the Polish Senate (2007), quoted in "Irena Sendler, Lifeline to Young Jews, Is Dead at 98" http://www.nytimes.com/2008/05/13/world/europe/13sendler.html?em&ex=1210824000&en=cecafcbe4079750b&ei=5087%0A by Dennis Hevesi in The New York Times (13 May 2008)

Jack LaLanne Foto

„I care more than — you cannot believe how much I care! I want to help somebody!“

—  Jack LaLanne American exercise instructor 1914 - 2011

In "Jack LaLanne dies at 96; spiritual father of U.S. fitness movement, LosAngeles Times"

„My religion makes no sense
and does not help me
therefore I pursue it.“

—  Anne Carson Canadian poet 1950

"My Religion", Glass, Irony, and God, New Directions (New York, NY), 1995.

Nicholas Sparks Foto

„Jamie: You know what I figured out today?
Landon: What?
Jamie: Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself. Like this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because I'm sick. To help me through all this. You're my angel.“

—  Nicholas Sparks, buch A Walk to Remember

Variante: Maybe God has a bigger plan for me that i had for myself,
likes, this journey never ends,
likes, you were sent to me because I'm sick, to help me through all this,
you're my angel!
Quelle: A Walk to Remember

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„It helps to have founded and run a company if you're going to help somebody run a company who is a founder.“

—  Ben Horowitz American businessman 1966

Ben Horowitz in: Ben Parr, " VC Ben Horowitz Says Founders Make Best Startup CEOs http://mashable.com/2011/10/18/ben-horowitz-web-2/," at mashable.com, 2011/10/18

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“