„Brethren! God gives the ummah that is skilled in the practice of death and that knows how to die a noble death, an exalted life in this world and eternal felicity in the next. What is the fantasy that has reduced us to loving this world and hating death? If you gird yourselves for a lofty deed and yearn for death, life shall be given to you. Know then that death is inevitable, and that it can only happen once. If you suffer it in the way of God, it will be your profit in this world, and your reward in the next.“

[Five Tracts of Hasan Al-Banna: A Selection from the Majmu at Rasail al-Imam al-Shahid Hasan al-Banna, University of California Press, 156] translated and annotated by Charles Wendell.

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Hasan al-Bannā Foto
Hasan al-Bannā
ägyptischer Gründer der Muslimbrüder (Moslem-Brüderschaft) 1906 - 1949

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„That I shall sink in death, I know must be;
But with that death of mine what life will die?“

—  Giordano Bruno Italian philosopher, mathematician and astronomer 1548 - 1600

As quoted in "Giordano Bruno" by Thomas Davidson, in The Index Vol. VI. No. 36 (4 March 1886), p. 429
Kontext: That I shall sink in death, I know must be;
But with that death of mine what life will die? Across the air, I hear my heart's voice cry:
Where dost thou bear me reckless one? Descend!
Such rashness seldom ends but bitterly'
"Fear not the lofty fall" I answer "rend
With might the clouds, and be content to die,
If God such a glorious death for us intend."

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„Death is part of this life and not of the next.“

—  Elizabeth Bibesco writer, actress; Romanian princess 1897 - 1945

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„May you live in such a way that your death is just the beginning of your life.“

—  Max Lucado American clergyman and writer 1955

Quelle: Outlive Your Life: You Were Made to Make A Difference

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„Today, you are hated throughout the world. If you don't know this, you should. The peoples burn your flag. The Islamic peoples all over the world chant: "Death to America!"“

—  Ali Khamenei Iranian Shiite faqih, Marja' and official independent islamic leader 1939

March 21, 2009 speech responding to American President Barack Obama's diplomatic outreach to Iran http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/2059.htm

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