„Words of affection, howsoe'er express'd,
The latest spoken still are deem'd the best.“

Address to Miss Agnes Baillie on her Birthday, line 126; reported in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 902.

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Joanna Baillie Foto
Joanna Baillie
britische Dichterin der Romantik 1762 - 1851

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Hermann von Keyserling Foto

„Hinduism at its best has spoken the only relevant truth about the way to self-realization in the full sense of the word.“

—  Hermann von Keyserling German philosopher 1880 - 1946

Count Hermann Keyserling, The Huston Smith Reader, p. 122

Anthony Doerr Foto
Sam Levenson Foto
Haruki Murakami Foto
Jeanette Winterson Foto

„Words are the part of silence that can be spoken.“

—  Jeanette Winterson, buch Lighthousekeeping

Quelle: Lighthousekeeping

Sri Aurobindo Foto

„India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples.“

—  Sri Aurobindo Indian nationalist, freedom fighter, philosopher, yogi, guru and poet 1872 - 1950

January, 1921
India's Rebirth
Kontext: India of the ages is not dead nor has she spoken her last creative word; she lives and has still something to do for herself and the human peoples. And that which must seek now to awake is not an anglicised oriental people, docile pupil of the West and doomed to repeat the cycle of the occident's success and failure, but still the ancient immemorable Shakti recovering her deepest self, lifting her head higher towards the supreme source of light and strength and turning to discover the complete meaning and a vaster form of her Dharma.

Max Lucado Foto
Javier Marías Foto

„Real togetherness in married couples and indeed in any couple comes from words, not just the words that are spoken – spoken voluntarily – but the words one doesn't keep to oneself – at least not without the intervention of the will.“

—  Javier Marías Spanish writer 1951

La verdadera unidad de los matrimonios y aun de las parejas la traen las palabras, más que las palabras dichas—dichas voluntariamente—, las palabras que no se callan—que no se callan sin que nuestra voluntad intervenga—.
Quelle: Corazón tan blanco [A Heart So White] (1992), p. 132

Anthony Trollope Foto
Aleister Crowley Foto

„Our Lord the Devil's their Word, the Word Thelema, spoken of me The Beast.“

—  Aleister Crowley poet, mountaineer, occultist 1875 - 1947

Quelle: Magical Record of the Beast 666: The Diaries of Aleister Crowley 1914-1920 (1972), p. 242

Ian McEwan Foto

„A story lives transformed by a gesture not made or a word not spoken“

—  Ian McEwan, buch On Chesil Beach

Quelle: On Chesil Beach

„A word in season spoken
May calm the troubled breast.“

—  Charles Jefferys British music publisher 1807 - 1865

A Word in Season, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

Thomas Carlyle Foto

„A word spoken in season, at the right moment, is the mother of ages.“

—  Thomas Carlyle Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher 1795 - 1881

Reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 561.
1890s and attributed from posthumous publications

William Shakespeare Foto

„Many a true word hath been spoken in jest.“

—  William Shakespeare, King Lear

Quelle: King Lear

„Their words were spoken to the breezes nor swayed appointed fate.“
Dicta dabant ventis nec debita fata movebant.

—  Gaius Valerius Flaccus, buch Argonautica

Quelle: Argonautica, Book V, Line 21

Cornelia Funke Foto
Plutarch Foto
Konrad Lorenz Foto

„We are the highest achievement reached so far by the great constructors of evolution. We are their "latest" but certainly not their last word.“

—  Konrad Lorenz, buch On Aggression

Quelle: On Aggression (1963), Ch. XII : On the Virtue of Scientific Humility
Kontext: We are the highest achievement reached so far by the great constructors of evolution. We are their "latest" but certainly not their last word. The scientist must not regard anything as absolute, not even the laws of pure reason. He must remain aware of the great fact, discovered by Heraclitus, that nothing whatever really remains the same even for one moment, but that everything is perpetually changing. To regard man, the most ephemeral and rapidly evolving of all species, as the final and unsurpassable achievement of creation, especially at his present-day particularly dangerous and disagreeable stage of development, is certainly the most arrogant and dangerous of all untenable doctrines. If I thought of man as the final image of God, I should not know what to think of God. But when I consider that our ancestors, at a time fairly recent in relation to the earth's history, were perfectly ordinary apes, closely related to chimpanzees, I see a glimmer of hope. It does not require very great optimism to assume that from us human beings something better and higher may evolve. Far from seeing in man the irrevocable and unsurpassable image of God, I assert – more modestly and, I believe, in greater awe of the Creation and its infinite possibilities – that the long-sought missing link between animals and the really humane being is ourselves!

Seal (musician) Foto

„Fearless people,
Careless needle.
Harsh words spoken,
And lives are broken.“

—  Seal (musician) British singer-songwriter 1963

"Prayer For The Dying"
Seal (1994)

John Fletcher Foto

„Tis a word that's quickly spoken,
Which being restrained, a heart is broken.“

—  John Fletcher, The Spanish Curate

The Spanish Curate (licensed 24 October 1622; 1647), Act II, scene 5, Song.

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