„A few guys with guns can spoil everything.
-- The Masked Rider ()“

—  Neil Peart

Rush Lyrics

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Neil Peart Foto
Neil Peart
kanadisch-amerikanischer Texter und Schlagzeuger der Rockba… 1952 - 2020

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Isaac Asimov Foto

„Remarkable what a fragile flower romance is. A gun with a nervous operator behind it can spoil the whole thing.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popular … 1920 - 1992

Quelle: The Foundation series (1951–1993), Second Foundation (1953), Chapter 11 “Stowaway”

Hoyt Axton Foto

„I'm a high night flier and a rainbow rider
And a straight-shooting son of a gun.“

—  Hoyt Axton American country singer 1938 - 1999

Joy to the World
Joy To The World (1971)

Mike Pence Foto

„The quickest way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.“

—  Mike Pence 48th Vice President of the United States 1959

Excerpt from address given to the National Rifle Association in Dallas, Texas — https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/watch-the-quickest-way-to-stop-a-bad-guy-with-a-gun-is-a-good-guy-with-a-gun-pence-says-at-nra-convention (May 4, 2018)
Vice President of the United States (2017-Present)

Neil Peart Foto

„Everything in moderation, with occasional excess
-- Ghost Rider (2002)“

—  Neil Peart Canadian-American drummer , lyricist, and author 1952 - 2020

Rush Lyrics

Alain Foto

„Obligation spoils everything.“

—  Alain French philosopher 1868 - 1951

Happy New Year
Alain On Happiness (1928)

„When guns are outlawed, only the Government will have guns. The Government - and a few outlaws. If that happens, you can count me among the outlaws.“

—  Edward Abbey American author and essayist 1927 - 1989

Quelle: Postcards from Ed: Dispatches and Salvos from an American Iconoclast

Vasco Rossi Foto
Raymond Chandler Foto

„This is the guy I'll be thinking about when I put a gun to My head.“

—  Richard Jeni American comedian 1957 - 2007

On an elderly man in the front row who had fallen asleep.
A Big, Steaming Pile Of Me

Raymond Chandler Foto

„In writing a novel, when in doubt, have two guys come through the door with guns.“

—  Raymond Chandler Novelist, screenwriter 1888 - 1959

Variante: When in doubt, have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.

Ernest Hemingway Foto

„We have very primative emotions. It's impossible not to be competitive. Spoils everything, though.“

—  Ernest Hemingway, buch Green Hills of Africa

Quelle: Green Hills of Africa

Margaret Cho Foto

„Never bring a gun to a fight where the other guy has a time-machine and tomorrow's newspapers.“

—  James Nicoll Canadian fiction reviewer 1961

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Abbie Hoffman Foto

„Beauty can be mask for ugliness.“

—  Michael Harrington, buch The Other America

Quelle: The Other America (1962), Ch. 2

Joe Biden Foto
François Lelord Foto

„Making comparisons can spoil your happiness.“

—  François Lelord, buch Hectors Reise

Quelle: Hector and the Search for Happiness

„Every big wave rider can tell you of his narrow escapes from death.“

—  Bob Pike (surfer) Australian surfer 1940 - 1999

“With Your Whole Heart Jumping”

Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury Foto

„A good rider on a good horse, is as much above himself and others, as this world can make him.“

—  Edward Herbert, 1st Baron Herbert of Cherbury Anglo-Welsh soldier, diplomat, historian, poet and religious philosopher 1583 - 1648

Quelle: The Autobiography, P. 39

Dorothy Parker Foto

„I thought that was going to be a good song, too, and then they went and rhymed “time” and “Rhine,” and spoiled everything. p. 24“

—  Dorothy Parker American poet, short story writer, critic and satirist 1893 - 1967

Dorothy Parker: Complete Broadway, 1918–1923 (2014) https://openlibrary.org/books/OL25758762M/Dorothy_Parker_Complete_Broadway_1918-1923, Chapter 1: 1918

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