„I believe that children's souls are the inheritors of historical memory from previous generations. It's just that as they grow older and experience the everyday world that memory sinks lower and lower. I feel I need to make a film that reaches down to that level. If I could do that I would die happy.“

(2005) The Guardian article http://www.theguardian.com/film/2005/sep/14/japan.awardsandprizes

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Hayao Miyazaki Foto
Hayao Miyazaki3
japanischer Zeichentrickfilmregisseur 1941

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Shahrukh Khan Foto

„I am happy making the films I make and I would like the West to be impressed with what we do from India.“

—  Shahrukh Khan Indian actor, producer and television personality 1965

From interview with David Light

Nick Hornby Foto
Navneet Aditya Waiba Foto

„I would like to inspire the younger generation to go back to the roots we belong to. I feel that the songs will bring back those memories.“

—  Navneet Aditya Waiba Nepali folk singer


Virginia Woolf Foto
Michel De Montaigne Foto
Pat Conroy Foto

„In order to reach some heights, I don’t lower them: I raise them higher.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

Para poder alcanzar ciertas alturas, no las bajo: las levanto más.
Voces (1943)

Saul Bellow Foto
Herman Melville Foto
Anna Akhmatova Foto

„I have a lot of work to do today;
I need to slaughter memory,
Turn my living soul to stone
Then teach myself to live again.“

—  Anna Akhmatova Russian modernist poet 1889 - 1966

Quelle: The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova

Philip Roth Foto
Friedrich List Foto

„… every nation which makes no forward progress sinks lower and lower, and must ultimately fall“

—  Friedrich List German economist with dual American citizenship 1789 - 1846

Quelle: The National System of Political Economy (1841), p. 8

R. Madhavan Foto
Colin Wilson Foto
Friedrich Nietzsche Foto

„It's regrets that make painful memories. When I was crazy I did everything just right.“

—  Mark Vonnegut American physician and writer 1947

Quelle: The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity

Simone Weil Foto

„An imaginary perfection is automatically at the same level as I who imagine it — neither higher nor lower.“

—  Simone Weil French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist 1909 - 1943

Quelle: Simone Weil : An Anthology (1986), Contradiction (1947), p. 240

Citát „As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do.“
Andrew Carnegie Foto

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