„i must not get angry, for if i do i will knock your teeth out“

— Franz Schubert

Franz Schubert Foto
Franz Schubert
österreichischer Komponist 1797 - 1828

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„Tonight, may I get so drunk in love that
I do not see any dreams!“

— Suman Pokhrel Nepali poet, lyricist, playwright, translator and artist 1967
<span class="plainlinks"> May I Not See Dreams http://learningandcreativity.com/may-i-not-see-dreams-poetry-month-special/</span>

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„Get on the floor and dance with me,
I love the way you shake your thing especially.“

— Michael Jackson American singer, songwriter and dancer 1958 - 2009
Get on the Floor (co-written with Louis Johnson)

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