„Any one country can be in any of four possible disequilibrium situations. It can be (1) a surplus country with a domestic slump, (2) a surplus country with a domestic boom, (3) a deficit country with a domestic slump, or (4) a deficit country with a domestic boom.“

Quelle: The balance of payments, 1951, p. 158; As cited in: Metaxas & Weber (2013, p. 20)

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James Edward Meade Foto
James Edward Meade
britischer Ökonom 1907 - 1995

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„Women are supposed to domesticate men. List the countries where they treat women like dirt, and then list the crude, warlike, and brutal countries. Same list, yes?“

—  John C. Wright American novelist and technical writer 1961

Quelle: Titans of Chaos (2007), Chapter 10, “Love’s Proper Hue” Section 8 (p. 162)

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Andrei Sakharov Foto

„The threat of hunger cannot be eliminated without the assistance of the developed countries, and this requires significant changes in their foreign and domestic policies.“

—  Andrei Sakharov Soviet nuclear physicist and human rights activist 1921 - 1989

Progress, Coexistence and Intellectual Freedom (1968), Dangers, Hunger and Overpopulation (and the Psychology of Racism)

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Michał Kalecki Foto

„In a sense the budget deficit can be considered as an artificial export surplus.“

—  Michał Kalecki Polish economist 1899 - 1970

Quelle: Theory of Economic Dynamics (1965), Chapter 3, The Determinants of Profits, p. 51

„Perhaps in the long view, de Gaulle was more responsible with his troublesome interventions into our domestic politics, for unifying our country than we will ever give him credit for.“

—  Judy LaMarsh Canadian politician, writer, broadcaster and barrister. 1924 - 1980

Quelle: Memoirs Of A Bird In A Gilded Cage (1969), CHAPTER 8, Centennial summer, p. 226

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„The combined efforts of Government policy since 1979 have been not to improve but substantially to worsen our competitive position. We have gone from a huge manufacturing surplus of £5.5 billion in 1980 to a 1986 third quarter deficit of £8 billion a year…Even with oil production continuing for some time, the current account has gone from a £3 billion surplus to a deficit predicted by the Chancellor of £1.5 billion…Sadly, the Government's great contribution, having refused to stimulate the economy by more respectable means, is a roaring consumer boom, which there is not the slightest chance of their moderating before an election. A roaring consumer boom does not, to any significant extent, mean more employment. In our competitive position, worsening under the Government, it means overwhelmingly higher imports, a still worse balance of payments position and a classic path to perdition. To have produced, after seven and a half years, the combination of total monetary muddle, a worsened competitive position, a widespread doubt in other countries as to how we are to pay our way in the future, a desperately vulnerable currency and the prospect of an unending plateau of the highest unemployment in a major country in the industrialised world is a unique achievement over which the Chancellor is an appropriate deputy acting presiding officer.“

—  Roy Jenkins British politician, historian and writer 1920 - 2003

Speech http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1986/nov/06/economic-policy in the House of Commons (6 November 1986)

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„We have spoken on many occasions of the need to achieve high economic growth as an absolute priority for our country. The annual address for 2003 set for the first time the goal of doubling gross domestic product within a decade.“

—  Vladimir Putin President of Russia, former Prime Minister 1952

2006- 2010
Quelle: Annual Address to the Federal Assembly http://kremlin.ru/eng/speeches/2006/05/10/1823_type70029type82912_105566.shtml, (May 2006)

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„In the “stealth era,” battlefield strength might just be dictated by the level of stealth or invisibility technology at the disposal of combatants. This is likely to trigger a scientific and technological race, as well as provide new platforms for countries to enhance their prestige domestically and internationally.“

—  Nayef Al-Rodhan philosopher, neuroscientist, geostrategist, and author 1959

Cloaks of Invisibility: The Latest Frontier in Military Technology http://journal.georgetown.edu/2014/03/06/cloaks-of-invisibility-the-latest-frontier-in-military-technology-by-nayef-al-rodhan/ - Georgetown Journal, March 2014

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„EU countries lose approximately €1,000 billion with tax avoidance. If Finland would receive of this €1,000 billion 1 % in relation to its population in the EU, it would be €10 billion. The famous deficit would be fixed up. If tax avaidance is not restricted we continue to have deficits and budget cuts.“

—  Satu Hassi Finnish politician and MEP 1951

Variante: EU countries lose approximately €1,000 billion with tax avoidance. If Finland would receive of this €1,000 billion 1 % in relation to its population in the EU, it would be €10 billion. The famous deficit would be fixed up. If tax avaidance is not restricted we continue to have deficits and budget cuts.
Quelle: Satu Hassi: Veronkierto vai hyvinvointivaltio, Voima 10/213 In Finnish: EU-maiden arvioidaan menettävän veronkierron vuoksi 1000 miljardia euroa. - Jos Suomi saisi tuosta 1000 mrd eurosta prosentin, eli väestöosuutemme EU:ssa, se olisi 10 mrd. euroa. Kuuluisa kestävyysvaje olisi hoidettu. Ellei veronkiertoa suitsija, vajeista ja budjettileikkauksista päästä eroon.

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„Economists may insist we are running a trade deficit, but in reality, we are running a margin surplus.“

—  Andy Kessler American writer 1958

Part VII, The Margin Surplus, Why It's Imperative to Drive a Beemer, p. 275 (See also:Robert Kuttner).
Running Money (2004) First Edition

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