„Let’s return now to the dust as the dust we are“

February 1878.
Ten Stories

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David Levithan Foto
David Levithan Foto
Lawton Chiles Foto

„We can show the way. We can make dust -- or eat dust.“

—  Lawton Chiles Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging 1930 - 1998

State of the State address http://www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/d/x/dxd22/1993B.htm (2 February 1993)

Omar Khayyám Foto
Langston Hughes Foto

„Shoot at us, we will nuke you all and let God sort out your radioactive dust.“

—  Steve Perry American writer 1947

Quelle: The Ramal Extraction (2012), Chapter 31

Horace Foto

„We are but dust and shadow.“
Pulvis et umbra sumus.

—  Horace, buch Odes

Book IV, ode vii, line 16
Odes (c. 23 BC and 13 BC)

Aeschylus Foto

„But when the dust has drawn up the blood of a man, once he is dead, there is no return to life.“

—  Aeschylus, Eumenides

Original: (el) ἀνδρὸς δ᾽ ἐπειδὰν αἷμ᾽ ἀνασπάσῃ κόνις
ἅπαξ θανόντος, οὔτις ἔστ᾽ ἀνάστασις.
Quelle: Oresteia (458 BC), Eumenides, lines 647–648 (tr. Herbert Weir Smyth)

Dejan Stojanovic Foto

„Dust to dust, ashes to ashes. Is that all?“

—  Dejan Stojanovic poet, writer, and businessman 1959

Faith http://www.poetrysoup.com/famous/poem/21392/Faith_
From the poems written in English

Halldór Laxness Foto

„Dust, who is not dust? I am dust. But I am your Member of Parliament, nevertheless.“

—  Halldór Laxness, buch The Atom Station

Bui Arland
Atómstöðin (The Atom Station) (1948)

Huston Smith Foto

„We are a blend of dust and divinity.“

—  Huston Smith, buch The World's Religions

Summarizing the Jewish view of human nature.
The World's Religions (1991)

Norman Spinrad Foto
Ilana Mercer Foto

„Zimbabwe, once the breadbasket of Africa, is now its dust bowl.“

—  Ilana Mercer South African writer

“The Genocide in Democratic South Africa,” http://www.ilanamercer.com/phprunner/public_article_list_view.php?editid1=105 WorldNetDaily.com, January 19, 2007;
“The Kulaks of Democratic South Africa,” http://www.fmnn.com/Analysis/56/6789/kulaks.asp?wid=56&nid=6789 Free Market News Network, January 22, 2007.
2000s, 2007

Thomas Hood Foto
George Gordon Byron Foto

„The dust we tread upon was once alive.“

—  George Gordon Byron, Sardanapalus

Act IV, scene 1.
Sardanapalus (1821)

Percy Bysshe Shelley Foto
Gautama Buddha Foto

„The big belly can accommodate all kinds of things.
The benevolence is never let a dust behind.“

—  Gautama Buddha philosopher, reformer and the founder of Buddhism -563 - -483 v.Chr

Quelle: Buddhist scriptures

Dejan Stojanovic Foto

„All dust is the same dust. Temporarily separated to go peacefully and enjoy the eternal nap.“

—  Dejan Stojanovic, buch Circling: 1978-1987

”The Same Dust,” p. 63
Circling: 1978-1987 (1993), Sequence: “A Warden with No Keys”

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