„Course I care. I always care. But there's no point in making a song and dance about it, like that night he stayed here. Know something? There's only one thing that'll bring 'em back, and that's indifference. The one thing you can't fake.'
'But you are faking it.'
'At the moment I might be. But as soon as it stops being faked and starts being real, he'll turn up. Rule number one of modern life.“

—  Helen Garner, Page 80.
Helen Garner Foto
Helen Garner
australische Schriftstellerin 1942

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„Here's my theory about meetings and life: the three things you can't fake are erections, competence and creativity.“

—  Douglas Coupland, JPod
Context: Here’s my theory about meetings and life: the three things you can’t fake are erections, competence and creativity. That’s why meetings become toxic — they put uncreative people in a situation in which they have to be something they can never be. And the more effort they put into concealing their inabilities, the more toxic the meeting becomes.

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„In life it’s always a bit of a challenge to be ethically motivated, and it’s not very different in this career. In the play I use all fake leather and no animal products on my face, hair or body. It’s up to me to put in the effort in life to make the most compassionate impact on the world around me without being rude or inconsiderate to others.“

—  Persia White American actress and singer 1972
"Exclusive: Ecorazzi Gets Our Green On With Actress And Musician Persia White", interview with Ecorazzi (5 August 2009) http://www.ecorazzi.com/2009/08/05/exclusive-ecorazzi-gets-our-green-on-with-actress-and-musician-persia-white/.

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