„Roger: It does a little bit of both I think it depends on the band. On a band that is enormously huge like Metallica it definitely hurts cause people are just going to download their stuff-period. But a smaller band maybe that hasn’t sold anything but has been able to have some good shows and get some fans out because of their MySpace or whatever you know what I mean. Using the Internet as a tool to promote the band is awesome. My sisters’ band doesn’t have a CD or whatever but they constantly pull 100 kids at their shows because they promote heavily on the internet and they stay in touch with their fans that way so it can be either or. For Less Than Jake we’re right in the middle. We definitely get a lot of paths to talk about the band, and interviews, and stuff for sale, and you know what I mean MySpace’s and Facebook’s all that kind of stuff there’s a presence there that definitely helps the band. But at the same time I know we’re one of the bands that is a victim of a lot of downloading so there you go.“

—  Roger Lima
Roger Lima Foto
Roger Lima
brasilianischer Musiker 1973

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„On MySpace … the whole demographic of the stand-up comedy fan has changed. It's like an indie band thing. People think they've discovered you.“

—  Jim Gaffigan comedian, actor, author 1966
Eric Deggans (February 19, 2006) "Seems like MySpace is everyone's space", St. Petersburg Times, p. 1A.

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„You can’t judge a band until you see them live really. Sometimes it makes people love bands they hated.“

—  Joe Trohman American musician 1984
My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue (2004), Ultimate Guitar Interview (2008)

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