„Today every child knows what Merz is. But what is 'i'? I is the middle vowel of the alphabet and the designation for the consequence of Merz in relation to an intensive apprehension of the art form. For the shaping of the work of art Merz uses large ready-made complexes that count as material, to shorten as much as possible the path leading from the intuition to the actualization (Sichtbarmachung) of the artistic idea, so as to avoid heat loss through friction. i defines this path as o (i setzt diesen Weg = null). Idea, material, and work of art are the same. i apprehends the work of art in nature. Here the artistic shaping is the recognition of rhythm and expression in a part of nature. Thus, no loss through friction i. e., no disturbing distraction during creation occurs here.“

Quelle: the article 'i ein Manifest' (or 'i-manifest'), Kurt Schwitters, in Merz 2. 1923; as quoted in Kurt Schwitters Merzbau: The Cathedral of Erotic Misery, by Elizabeth Burns Gamard, Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2000, p. 116

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Kurt Schwitters Foto
Kurt Schwitters12
deutscher Maler, Werbegrafiker und Universalkünstler des Da… 1887 - 1948

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Kurt Schwitters Foto
Kurt Schwitters Foto
Richard Long Foto

„The source of my work is nature. I use it with respect and freedom. I use materials, ideas, movement and time to express a whole view of my art in the world.“

—  Richard Long artist 1945

Richard Long (1982), cited in: Description of the exhibition Concentrations IX: Richard Long, March 31–July 8, 1984 at the Dallas Museum of Art http://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth224905/m1/1/.

Kurt Schwitters Foto

„Kurt Schwitters is the inventor of Merz and I, and aside of himself, he recognizes no one as a Merz artist or an I artist with highest regards.“

—  Kurt Schwitters German artist 1887 - 1948

Quelle: 'Die Blume Anna', a poem of Kurt Schwitters, published in 'Consistent Poetry Art' contribution to 'Magazine G', No. 3, ed. Hans Richter, 1924

Kurt Schwitters Foto
Richard Long Foto
Pablo Picasso Foto
Gustav Metzger Foto
Vincent Van Gogh Foto

„I am not working for myself alone, I believe in the absolute necessity for a new art of color, of design, and - of the artistic life..“

—  Vincent Van Gogh Dutch post-Impressionist painter (1853-1890) 1853 - 1890

Quote in his letter to brother Theo, from Arles, Spring 1888; as quoted in Vincent van Gogh, edited by Alfred H. Barr; Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1935 https://www.moma.org/documents/moma_catalogue_1996_300061887.pdf, (letter 469) p. 22
1880s, 1888

Marcel Proust Foto

„What artists call posterity is the posterity of the work of art.“

—  Marcel Proust, buch In Search of Lost Time

Ce qu'on appelle la postérité, c'est la postérité de l'œuvre.
Quelle: In Search of Lost Time, Remembrance of Things Past (1913-1927), Vol II: Within a Budding Grove (1919), Ch. I: "Madame Swann at Home"

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