„He is doing the show 'Dancing with the Stars' and that's how he's boxing.“

Hatton insulting Floyd Mayweather Jr before their clash on the 8th Dec. http://news2.thdo.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/boxing/7000159.stm
Ricky on other boxers (Sourced)

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Ricky Hatton Foto
Ricky Hatton
britischer Boxer 1978

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Rick Riordan Foto
Cesare Pavese Foto

„He told me that it isn't what you do but how you do it that shows whether you are clever or not.“

—  Cesare Pavese Italian poet, novelist, literary critic, and translator 1908 - 1950

Quelle: The moon and the bonfire (1950), Chapter XVII, p. 99

Peter F. Drucker Foto

„In book subjects a student can only do a student's work. All that can be measured is how well he learns, rather than how well he performs. All he can show is promise.“

—  Peter F. Drucker American business consultant 1909 - 2005

Quelle: 1930s- 1950s, Landmarks of Tomorrow: A Report on the New 'Post-Modern' World (1959), p. 144

Cormac McCarthy Foto

„He never sleeps, the judge. He is dancing, dancing. He says that he will never die.“

—  Cormac McCarthy American novelist, playwright, and screenwriter 1933

Quelle: Blood Meridian, or the Evening Redness in the West

Craig Ferguson Foto

„If a man doesn't know how to dance he doesn't know how to make love, there I said it!“

—  Craig Ferguson Scottish-born American television host, stand-up comedian, writer, actor, director, author, producer and voice artist 1962

E.E. Cummings Foto

„I would rather learn from one bird how to sing than to teach 10,000 stars how not to dance.“

—  E.E. Cummings American poet 1894 - 1962

Collected Poems (1938) New Poems 22
Variante: I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance.

Danny Tidwell Foto

„I don’t even know if I’ll ever feel what I did when he finished dancing his solo on Wednesday night’s [2007-08-15] show. When he left the ballet world, he was losing his love of dance, and to me, watching that solo, he came full circle. He came back.“

—  Danny Tidwell American dancer 1984

Denise Wall, Tidwell's mother, the morning before the final results show. In her mind "he had already won" regardless of the outcome
Rutherford, Laine M. (August 17, 2007). "Beach's Tidwell is voted America's second-favorite dancer" http://content.hamptonroads.com/story.cfm?story=130465&ran=89902 HamptonRoads.com. Retrieved August 17, 2007.

Sugar Ray Robinson Foto

„He boxed as though he were playing the violin.“

—  Sugar Ray Robinson American boxer 1921 - 1989

Bert Randolph Sugar a well known boxing writerhttp://espn.go.com/sportscentury/features/00016439.html
About Sugar Ray sourced

P.G. Wodehouse Foto
Clifford D. Simak Foto

„Before Man goes to the stars he should learn how to live on Earth.“

—  Clifford D. Simak, buch Time and Again

Quelle: Time and Again (1951), Chapter XLI (p. 204)

John Lydon Foto

„How very bright this empire of stars, he mused. Which poet had said that?“

—  Stephen R. Lawhead American writer 1950

Quelle: The Bone House (2011), p. 55

Isabel Allende Foto

„The slave who dances is free… while he is dancing.“

—  Isabel Allende Chilean writer 1942

Quelle: Island Beneath the Sea

Reza Pahlavi Foto
William Shakespeare Foto

„There was a star danced, and under that was I born.“

—  William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

Quelle: Much Ado About Nothing

Jim Steinman Foto

„Let me show you how to drive me crazy,
Let me show you how to make me feel so good,
Let me show you how to take me to the edge of the stars and back again.“

—  Jim Steinman American musician 1947

"Faster Than The Speed Of Night" from the Bonnie Tyler album Faster Than The Speed of Night (1983)
Kontext: Let me show you how to drive me crazy,
Let me show you how to make me feel so good,
Let me show you how to take me to the edge of the stars and back again.
You've gotta show me how to drive you crazy,
You've gotta show me all the things you wanna happen to you,
We've gotta tell each other everything, we always wanted someone to do.

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