„If we [are to] reach a situation of true peace, real peace, peace for generations, we will have to make painful concessions. Not in exchange for promises, but rather in exchange for peace.“

—  Ariel Scharon, in: "Report: Sharon willing to make 'painful concessions," at cnn.com, April 2003 ( online) http://www.cnn.com/2003/WORLD/meast/04/13/sharon.settlements/
Ariel Scharon Foto
Ariel Scharon
israelischer General und Politiker 1928 - 2014

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Махатма Ганди Foto

„If we are to reach real peace in this world“

—  Махатма Ганди pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism during British-ruled India 1869 - 1948
Context: If we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with children; and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won’t have to struggle, we won’t have to pass fruitless idle resolutions. But we shall go from love to love and peace to peace, until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which, consciously or unconsciously, the whole world is hungering. Young India (19 November 1931, p. 361)

Benjamín Netanyahu Foto

„Every time an Arab leader truly wanted peace, they got it. If the Palestinians truly want peace, we will make peace.“

—  Benjamín Netanyahu Israeli prime minister 1949
Speech to the United Nations General Assembly http://www.c-span.org/video/?289123-1/israeli-prime-minister-address-general-assembly, as quoted in "Netanyahu speech / PM slams Gaza probe, challenges UN to confront Iran" in Haaretz (24 September 2009) http://www.haaretz.com/news/netanyahu-speech-pm-slams-gaza-probe-challenges-un-to-confront-iran-1.7301

Prem Rawat Foto

„That peace which is within us, we must experience it. And if we are searching for peace outside we will never find the peace within.“

—  Prem Rawat controversial spiritual leader 1957
Satyalok Ashram, Muradnagar, Meerut, India, Baisakhi Festival, April 12, 1971, 710412 (Translated from Hindi)

David Lynch Foto

„Right now, we gotta get peace back in the world. Peace is a real thing.“

—  David Lynch American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, musician and occasional actor 1946
Context: There's this beautiful ocean of bliss and consciousness that is able to be reached by any human being by diving within, which is really peaceful and harmonious and can be enlivened by the group process. This group is a peace-creating group. It saturates the atmosphere. This is all about establishing peace. Right now, we gotta get peace back in the world. Peace is a real thing. As quoted in David Lynch's $1B Peace Plan" in The New York Post (22 October 2003) http://www.lynchnet.com/articles/peacepost.html

Theodore Roosevelt Foto

„We wish peace, but we wish the peace of justice, the peace of righteousness. We wish it because we think it is right and not because we are afraid.“

—  Theodore Roosevelt American politician, 26th president of the United States 1858 - 1919
Context: While ever careful to refrain from wrongdoing others, we must be no less insistent that we are not wronged ourselves. We wish peace, but we wish the peace of justice, the peace of righteousness. We wish it because we think it is right and not because we are afraid. No weak nation that acts manfully and justly should ever have cause to fear us, and no strong power should ever be able to single us out as a subject for insolent aggression.

Prem Rawat Foto
Norman Cousins Foto

„We will not have peace by afterthought.“

—  Norman Cousins American journalist 1915 - 1990
Editorial (1956) on importance of preservation rather than breaches of world peace.

Jim Jones Foto

„If we can't live in peace, then let's die in peace.“

—  Jim Jones founder and the leader of the Peoples Temple 1931 - 1978
" Death Tape http://jonestown.sdsu.edu/AboutJonestown/Tapes/Tapes/DeathTape/Q042fbi.html" FBI No. Q042 (18 November 1978)

 Aristotle Foto

„We make war that we may live in peace.“

—  Aristotle Classical Greek philosopher, student of Plato and founder of Western philosophy -384 - -322 v.Chr

Thich Nhat Hanh Foto
Ariel Sharon Foto
Etty Hillesum Foto
Lewis Pugh Foto

„For us to find lasting peace between people, we must first make peace with nature.“

—  Lewis Pugh Environmental campaigner, maritime lawyer and endurance swimmer 1969
28 September 2014, Sunday Times http://www.pressreader.com/bookmark/NWNJXD8V5BO2/

Richard Nixon Foto