„The rules of art do not exist, because what makes art art is the fact that it obeys no rules at all.“

—  Elfriede Jelinek, buch Wonderful, Wonderful Times

p 44
Wonderful, Wonderful Times (1990)

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Elfriede Jelinek Foto
Elfriede Jelinek15
österreichische Schriftstellerin 1946

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Claude Debussy Foto

„Works of art make rules but rules do not make works of art.“

—  Claude Debussy French composer 1862 - 1918

As quoted in Companion to Contemporary Musical Thought (1992) by John Paynter, p. 590
Unsourced variant: Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art.

Remy de Gourmont Foto

„Art must break the chains, all rules and formulas.“

—  Remy de Gourmont French writer 1858 - 1915

L'Idealisme esaay in Le Chemin de Velours 1902

Charles Symmons Foto
Adam Gopnik Foto

„Child rearing is an art, and what makes art art is that it is doing several things at once.“

—  Adam Gopnik American journalist 1956

How to Raise a Prodigy, The New Yorker (2018)

John Milton Foto

„Wild above rule or art, enormous bliss.“

—  John Milton, buch Paradise Lost

Quelle: Paradise Lost

Robert Pinsky Foto

„Each work of art generate its own rules“

—  Robert Pinsky American poet, editor, literary critic, academic. 1940

Singing School

Keith Olbermann Foto
Bertolt Brecht Foto

„Thus for art to be 'unpolitical' means only to ally itself with the 'ruling' group.“

—  Bertolt Brecht, A Short Organum for the Theatre

¶ 55
A Short Organum for the Theatre (1949)
Kontext: Unless an actor is satisfied to be a parrot or a monkey he must master our period's knowledge of human social life by himself joining the war of the classes. Some people may feel this is degrading, because they rank art, once the money side has been settled, as one of the highest things; but mankind's highest decisions are in fact fought out on earth, not in the heavens; in the 'external world', not inside people's heads. Nobody can stand above the warring classes, for nobody can stand above the human race. Society cannot share a common communication system so long as it is split into warring classes. Thus for art to be 'unpolitical' means only to ally itself with the 'ruling' group.

Jean Dubuffet Foto

„There is no such thing as abstract art, or else all art is abstract, which amounts to the same thing. Abstract art no more exists than does curved art yellow art or green art.“

—  Jean Dubuffet, buch Prospectus et tous écrits suivants

Quelle: 1960-70's, Prospectus et tous écrits suivants, 1967, p. 206

Vladimir Lenin Foto

„This struggle must be organised, according to “all the rules of the art”, by people who are professionally engaged in revolutionary activity.“

—  Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution 1870 - 1924

What is to be Done? (1902)

David Sedaris Foto

„Boys who spent their weekends making banana nut muffins did not, as a rule, excel in the art of hand-to-hand combat.“

—  David Sedaris, buch Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

Quelle: Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim

Daniel Barenboim Foto

„Music is the art of the imaginary par excellence, an art free of all limits imposed by words, an art that touches the depth of human existence, and art of sounds that crosses all borders.“

—  Daniel Barenboim Israeli Argentine-born pianist and conductor 1942

Statement at the .
Kontext: Despite the fact that as an art, music cannot compromise its principles, and politics, on the other hand, is the art of compromise, when politics transcends the limits of the present existence and ascents to the higher sphere of the possible, it can be joined there by music. Music is the art of the imaginary par excellence, an art free of all limits imposed by words, an art that touches the depth of human existence, and art of sounds that crosses all borders. As such, music can take the feelings and imagination of Israelis and Palestinians to new unimaginable spheres.

Marcus Aurelius Foto
Isa Genzken Foto

„For me personally, the greatest art to date has been created in New York and the most uptight and conventional art in Berlin. Obviously, I am an exception to this rule!“

—  Isa Genzken German sculptor 1948

living and working in Berlin
after 2010, Isa Genzken, the artist who doesn't do interviews' (2014)

Ludwig Wittgenstein Foto

„When I obey a rule, I do not choose.
I obey the rule blindly.“

—  Ludwig Wittgenstein, buch Philosophische Untersuchungen

§ 219
Philosophical Investigations (1953)

David Hume Foto
Virgil Foto

„Roman, remember by your strength to rule
Earth's people—for your arts are to be these:
To pacify, to impose the rule of law,
To spare the conquered, battle down the proud.“

Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento (Hae tibi erunt artes), pacique imponere morem, Parcere subjectis et debellare superbos.

—  Virgil, Aeneid

Quelle: Aeneid (29–19 BC), Book VI, Lines 851–853 (tr. Robert Fitzgerald)

Stuart Davis Foto

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