„Operation Flood has three major achievements to its credit: making dairying India’s largest self-sustainable rural employment program; bringing India self-sufficiency in milk production; trebling the nation’s milk production within a span of two and half decades to make India the world’s largest milk producer.“

in p. 83
Quote, Our Leaders

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Verghese Kurien Foto
Verghese Kurien24
Indian founder of dairy-cooperative Amul 1921 - 2012

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Verghese Kurien Foto
Verghese Kurien Foto
Indra Nooyi Foto

„India needs to grow at 7 to 8 per cent to ensure full employment and we all will do our part to invest in India to make sure India achieves its growth potential.“

—  Indra Nooyi Indian-born, naturalized American, business executive 1955

Narendra Modi question elicits 'no comment' from PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi

Mukesh Ambani Foto
Don Imus Foto

„Well, June is, uh, National Dairy Month, and I'll be milking Deirdre later… Ain't that right baby.“

—  Don Imus Radio personality 1940 - 2019

Imus in the Morning, (15 June 2006), in the nine o'clock hour advertisements.

Jimmy Carter Foto

„The human body has no more need for cows' milk than it does for dogs' milk, horses' milk, or giraffes' milk.“

—  Michael Klaper American physician 1947

Speech of July 19, 1985. Quoted in David Robinson Simon, Meatonomics (Conari Press, 2013), p. 193 https://books.google.it/books?id=PY0KUnaIU5AC&pg=PA193.

Rajiv Malhotra Foto

„India is the world largest territory, both geographically and by population, that is up for grabs by the expansionist, predatory ideological movements in the world.“

—  Rajiv Malhotra Indian-American entrepreneur and author 1950

“India Is The World’s Largest Territory Which Is Up For Grabs By Predatory Forces” by R Jagannathan - Mar 09, 2018, https://swarajyamag.com/magazine/india-is-the-worlds-largest-territory-which-is-up-for-grabs-by-predatory-forces

Rajiv Gandhi Foto

„It is compartmentalization of India into rigidly separated rural and urban settlements that has been the worst legacy of the colonial system of local-self government.“

—  Rajiv Gandhi sixth Prime Minister of India 1944 - 1991

In 1989, in “Memorable Quote, Memorable Quotes from Rajiv Gandhi and on Rajiv Gandhis from Rajiv Gandhi and on Rajiv Gandhi (2009)”, Quote 17

Rynn Berry Foto

„My perspective of veganism was most affected by learning that the veal calf is a by-product of dairying, and that in essence there is a slice of veal in every glass of what l had thought was an innocuous white liquid—milk.“

—  Rynn Berry American historian of vegetarianism 1945 - 2014

Quoted in Joanne Stepaniak, The Vegan Sourcebook, Los Angeles: Lowell House, 1998, p. 40.

Matthew Hayden Foto

„Mahindra is a very natural fit for me. Firstly it is a product that is owned, operated and managed out of India. So there’s that great connection to that link between Australia and India.“

—  Matthew Hayden Australian cricketer 1971

Hayden on Mahindra & Mahindra, quoted on The Courier Mail, "The day 50 people laughed at Matthew Hayden" http://www.couriermail.com.au/entertainment/hayden-joins-indian-team/news-story/a88c1a51e63ddd3d9731820f4dc74cf1, March 20, 2016.

Mukesh Ambani Foto
Isaac Bashevis Singer Foto

„Take three quarts of duck's milk…“

—  Isaac Bashevis Singer Polish-born Jewish-American author 1902 - 1991

First words of a "recipe for high-priced cookies" in Stories for Children (1984)

Michele Simon Foto
Verghese Kurien Foto
Benjamin Spock Foto
Clay Shirky Foto

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