„Weapons are like money; no one knows the meaning of enough.“

—  Martin Amis, buch Einstein's Monsters

"Introduction: Thinkability"
Einstein's Monsters (1987)

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Martin Amis1
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„To be clever enough to get all that money, one must be stupid enough to want it.“

—  G. K. Chesterton, buch The Innocence of Father Brown

The Innocence of Father Brown (1911) The Paradise of Thieves
The Father Brown Mystery Series (1910 - 1927)

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„Well, they’re going to elect that Stupid Hoover, and he’s going to have some trouble. He’s going to have to spend money, but it won’t be enough. Then the Democrats will come in. But they don’t know anything about money.“

—  Calvin Coolidge American politician, 30th president of the United States (in office from 1923 to 1929) 1872 - 1933

To Secret Service agent Edmund Starling, as quoted in The Forgotten Depression: 1921: The Crash That Cured Itself https://books.google.com/books?id=1PdtAwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=%22+Well,+they%E2%80%99re+going+to+elect+that+Superman+Hoover,+and+he%E2%80%99s+going+to+have+some+trouble.+He%E2%80%99s+going+to+have+to+spend+money,+but+it+won%E2%80%99t+be+enough.+Then+the+Democrats+will+come+in.+But+they+don%E2%80%99t+know+anything+about+money.%22&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiz78rvs-3MAhVG8j4KHYm9AxAQ6AEIKjAC#v=onepage&q=%22know%20anything%20about%20money%22&f=false (2014), by James Grant

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„I used to work in jobs I hated because I needed the money to buy a guitar. I know what it feels like to be depressed. On the other hand, I also know what it feels like to have money, to be successful, to be independent, but I can tell you that money and success never solve your problems.“

—  Chris Cornell American singer-songwriter, musician 1964 - 2017

NYROCK: Interview with Chris Cornell, October 1, 1999 https://web.archive.org/web/20030919022841/http://www.nyrock.com/interviews/1999/cornell_int.asp,
On depression and suicide

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„I don't know what is in this money that you are punishing other struggling citizens for, it's not like you're going to go to heaven with all the money.“

—  Suraj Sani Nigerian writer, Spoken word artist 1996

P. 17. Thorns in the desert https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/10937346-i-don-t-know-what-is-in-this-money-that-you

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„In short, the regime ruling Iran is the axis of Islamic fundamentalism in terms of ideology, policies, money, weapons, and logistical support.“

—  Maryam Rajavi Iranian politician 1953

Remark made on 29 April, 2015, in a testimony to The House Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Terrorism, Non-Proliferation and Trade http://docs.house.gov/meetings/FA/FA18/20150429/103392/HHRG-114-FA18-Wstate-RajaviM-20150429.pdf.

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„Get money; still get money, boy,
No matter by what means.“

—  Ben Jonson, Every Man in His Humour

Act ii, Scene 3. Compare: "Get place and wealth,—if possible, with grace; If not, by any means get wealth and place", Alexander Pope, Horace, book i. epistle i. line 103
Every Man in His Humour (1598)

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