„Like those dreams that have pleased us. They escape us and we vainly try to hold onto them.“

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Joseph Joubert Foto
Joseph Joubert49
französischer Moralist und Essayist 1754 - 1824

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Robert Lynn Asprin Foto

„Small towns were terrible places to grow up with world-sized dreams—especially when those dreams were the only things you had left to hold onto.“

—  Robert Lynn Asprin American science fiction and fantasy author 1946 - 2008

Quelle: Time Scout (1995), Chapter 2 (p. 38)

Rush Limbaugh Foto

„The people we see protesting in Madison are the equivalent of Hosni Mubarak apparatchiks who are trying to hold onto their privileges despite the will of the people who are being exploited to pay for them.“

—  Rush Limbaugh U.S. radio talk show host, Commentator, author, and television personality 1951

Democrats Walk Off Job in Loyalty to Their Paymasters Over Voters
The Rush Limbaugh Show
Regarding comparisons made between the 2011 Wisconsin protests and the 2011 Egyptian revolution

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John Locke Foto

„How long have you been holding those words in your head, hoping to use them?“

—  John Locke English philosopher and physician 1632 - 1704

Quelle: Lethal People

Francis Picabia Foto

„The aim of art is to get us to dream, just like music, for it expresses a mood projected onto the canvas, which arouses identical sensations in the viewer.“

—  Francis Picabia French painter and writer 1879 - 1953

two short quotes of Picabia, in 'A Paris painter', by Hapgood, published in 'The Globe and Commercial Advertiser', 20 Febr. 1913, p. 8

Mokgweetsi Masisi Foto

„Please care for it, because we care about it. Please use it wisely, because we have used it wisely.“

—  Mokgweetsi Masisi President of Botswana 1962

Quelle: https://www.debeersgroup.com/~/media/Files/D/De-Beers-Group-V2/documents/company-news/2019/MEDIA%20RELEASE%20Dr%20Mokgweetsi%20Masisi%20President%20of%20the%20Republic%20of%20Botswana%20opens%20the%20JCK%20Las%20Vegas%20sho.pdf HIS EXCELLENCY, DR MOKGWEETSI MASISI, PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF BOTSWANA OPENS JCK LAS VEGAS SHOW, 31 May 2019, Retrieved 14th January 2022

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William Carlos Williams Foto

„It is dreams that have destroyed us. There is no more pride
in horses or in rein holding.“

—  William Carlos Williams, buch Al Que Quiere!

"Libertad! Igualidad! Fraternidad!"
Al Que Quiere! (1917)
Kontext: Brother!
— if we were rich
we'd stick our chests out
and hold our heads high! It is dreams that have destroyed us. There is no more pride
in horses or in rein holding. We sit hunched together brooding
our fate. Well —
all things turn bitter in the end
whether you choose the right or
the left way
and —
dreams are not a bad thing.

„Life is a mixed blessing, which we vainly try to unmix.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Unclassified

Ali Al-Wardi Foto

„Hold onto your breath
Hold onto your heart
Hold onto your hope“

—  Yip Harburg American song lyricist 1896 - 1981

"Optimistic Voices".
Kontext: You’re out of the woods
You’re out of the dark
You’re out of the night
Step into the sun, step into the light,
Keep straight ahead
For the most glorious place
On the Face of the Earth
Or the sky. Hold onto your breath
Hold onto your heart
Hold onto your hope,
March up to the gate
And bid it open.

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Cassandra Clare Foto

„Everyone should die with someone holding onto them.“

—  Cassandra Clare, The Mortal Instruments

Maia Roberts, to Bat Velasquez, pg. 227
The Mortal Instruments, City of Heavenly Fire (2014)

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Ricky Gervais Foto

„Animals are not here for us to do as we please with. We are not their superiors, we are their equals. We are their family. Be kind to them.“

—  Ricky Gervais English comedian, actor, director, producer, musician, writer, and former radio presenter 1961

Twitter, 17 November 2013; quoted in "Ricky Gervais Is PETA’s Person of the Year," PETA (23 December 2013) https://www.peta.org/blog/ricky-gervais-petas-person-year/

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