„That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in the next.“

John Stuart Mill, as quoted by Stevenson in Call to Greatness (1954), p. 102; this has also been misquoted as "That which seems the height of absurdity in one generation often becomes the height of wisdom in another."

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Adlai Ewing Stevenson Foto
Adlai Ewing Stevenson1
US-amerikanischer Politiker 1900 - 1965

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Leo Tolstoy Foto

„All we can know is that we know nothing. And that's the height of human wisdom.“

—  Leo Tolstoy, buch Krieg und Frieden

Variante: The only thing that we know is that we know nothing — and that is the highest flight of human wisdom.
Quelle: War and Peace (1865–1867; 1869), Ch. I

Vitruvius Foto

„Next I must tell about the machine of Ctesibius, which raises water to a height.“

—  Vitruvius, buch De architectura

Quelle: De architectura (The Ten Books On Architecture) (~ 15BC), Book X, Chapter VII, Sec. 1

John Calvin Foto
Friedrich Nietzsche Foto

„Worldly Wisdom

Do not stay in the field!
Nor climb out of sight.
The best view of the world
Is from a medium height.“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic, and classical philologist 1844 - 1900

Quelle: The Gay Science

William Morris Foto

„Earth, left silent by the wind of night,
Seems shrunken 'neath the gray unmeasured height.“

—  William Morris author, designer, and craftsman 1834 - 1896

The Earthly Paradise (1868-70)

Robert Frost Foto

„The height of the adventure is the height
Of country where two village cultures faded
Into each other. Both of them are lost.“

—  Robert Frost American poet 1874 - 1963

Directive (1947)
Kontext: p>The height of the adventure is the height
Of country where two village cultures faded
Into each other. Both of them are lost. And if you're lost enough to find yourself
By now, pull in your ladder road behind you
And put a sign up CLOSED to all but me.</p

„It is almost a general rule that nations do not decline gradually. Instead they fall abruptly from their greatest heights.“

—  Pierre Stephen Robert Payne British lecturer, novelist, historian, poet and biographer 1911 - 1983

Ibn Khaldun and Machiavelli, p. 147
The Corrupt Society - From Ancient Greece To Present-Day America (1975)

Sören Kierkegaard Foto

„Sleeping is the height of genius“

—  Sören Kierkegaard Danish philosopher and theologian, founder of Existentialism 1813 - 1855

Robert Jordan Foto

„On the heights, the paths are paved with daggers.“

—  Robert Jordan, The Path of Daggers

Seanchan saying
(15 September 1992)
Quelle: The Path of Daggers

Epictetus Foto

„Reason is not measured by size or height, but by principle.“

—  Epictetus philosopher from Ancient Greece 50 - 138

Book I, ch. 12.

Jascha Heifetz Foto

„There is no top. There are always further heights to reach.“

—  Jascha Heifetz Lithuanian violinist 1901 - 1987

Heifetz official web site http://www.jaschaheifetz.com/about/quotes.html

James Macpherson Foto

„I look down from my height on nations
And they become ashes before me.“

—  James Macpherson Scottish writer, poet, translator, and politician 1736 - 1796

"Carric", quoted in Thoreau, "Life Without Principle"
The Poems of Ossian

Jean Cocteau Foto
Jennifer Shahade Foto

„Height doesnt matter, talent does.“

—  Nikita Gokhale Indian Actress, Indian Model 1990

"‘6 bold statements of Nikita Gokhale’" http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/marathi/movies/6-bold-statements-of-Nikita-Gokhale/6-bold-statements-of-Nikita-Gokhale/photostory/45617534.cms.TimesOfIndia.com. December 23, 2014.

„It's the theatricality, Wuthering Heights, Hound of the Baskervilles.“

—  Ian Brady British serial killer, perpetrator of the Moors murders 1938 - 2017

Pouring scorn on people's obsession with his crimes.
Article, Evening Standard, Tue 25 June 2013, pp.1-4

„My heaviness comes from the heights.“

—  Antonio Porchia Italian Argentinian poet 1885 - 1968

Mi pesadez viene de los precipicios.
Voces (1943)

Seneca the Younger Foto

„It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.“

—  Seneca the Younger Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, and dramatist -4 - 65 v.Chr

Original: (la) Confragosa in fastigium dignitatis via est.
Quelle: Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium (Moral Letters to Lucilius), Letter LXXXIV: On gathering ideas, Line 13

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