„At the present time it is of course quite customary for physicists to trespass on chemical ground, for mathematicians to do excellent work in physics, and for physicists to develop new mathematical procedures… Trespassing is one of the most successful techniques in science.“

Quelle: Dynamics in Psychology, 1940, p. 116

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Wolfgang Köhler Foto
Wolfgang Köhler
Mitbegründer der Gestaltpsychologie bzw. der Gestalttheorie 1887 - 1967

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Bertrand Russell Foto

„Only mathematics and mathematical logic can say as little as the physicist means to say.“

—  Bertrand Russell logician, one of the first analytic philosophers and political activist 1872 - 1970

The Scientific Outlook (1931)
Kontext: Ordinary language is totally unsuited for expressing what physics really asserts, since the words of everyday life are not sufficiently abstract. Only mathematics and mathematical logic can say as little as the physicist means to say.

Carlo Beenakker Foto

„Those who really solve mathematical puzzles are the physicists.“

—  Carlo Beenakker Dutch physicist 1960

In Interview with Professor Carlo Beenakker. Interviewers: Ramy El-Dardiry and Roderick Knuiman (February 1, 2006).
Original: (nl) ... de wiskunde (houdt) zich veel meer bezig (...) met bijvoorbeeld de structuur achter iets of met het bouwwerk van iets. Wiskundigen zijn ook niet echt een soort puzzelaars. Degenen die echt wiskundige puzzels oplossen dat zijn de natuurkundigen. Als je het leuk vindt om wiskundige puzzels op te lossen, moet je geen wiskunde maar natuurkunde gaan studeren!
Kontext: … mathematicians are much more concerned for example with the structure behind something or with the whole edifice. Mathematicians are not really puzzlers. Those who really solve mathematical puzzles are the physicists. If you like to solve mathematical puzzles, you should not study mathematics but physics!

Nick Herbert Foto

„One of the best-kept secrets of science is that physicists have lost their grip on reality.“

—  Nick Herbert American physicist 1936

Quelle: Quantum Reality - Beyond The New Physics, Chapter 2, Physicists Losing Their Grip, p. 15

G. H. Hardy Foto
Victor Frederick Weisskopf Foto

„Self-confidence is an important ingredient that makes for a successful physicist.“

—  Victor Frederick Weisskopf Austrian-born American theoretical physicist 1908 - 2002

[Victor Weisskopf, Growing up with quantum field theory: The development of quantum electrodynamics. In: The birth of particle physics (ed. L.M. Brown and L. Hoddeson), Cambridge University Press, 1983, 75]

G. H. Hardy Foto
Norbert Wiener Foto
Stanislaw Ulam Foto

„Mathematics may be a way of developing physically, that is anatomically, new connections in the brain.“

—  Stanislaw Ulam Polish-American mathematician 1909 - 1984

Quelle: Adventures of a Mathematician - Third Edition (1991), Chapter 15, Random Reflections on Mathematics and Science, p. 277

Neil deGrasse Tyson Foto

„Numbers instill a feeling for the lie of the land, and furnish grist for the mathematical mill that is the physicist's principal tool.“

—  Hans Christian von Baeyer American physicist 1938

Quelle: Information, The New Language of Science (2003), Chapter 6, The Book of Life, Genetic information, p. 48

„Are there mathematical propositions for which there is a considerable amount of computational evidence, evidence that is so persuasive that a physicist would regard them as experimentally verified?“

—  Gregory Chaitin Argentinian mathematician and computer scientist 1947

Thoughts on the Riemann hypothesis http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/BF02985392 The Mathematical Intelligencer (December 2004) vol. 26, issue 1, pp. 4–7, quote on p. 4

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“