„The whole of French art is a matter of seeing Nature as beautiful, very beautiful, in fact. But on the whole this is not enough. You have to create your own Nature – Van Gogh!“

Jawlensky is looking back on his encounter with French art through his voyage with Marianne Werefkin to Normandy and Paris, in 1903 when he discovered Van Gogh
1900 - 1935
Quelle: Expressionism: A Revolution in German Art, Dietmer Elger, Taschen, 2002, p. 166

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Alexej von Jawlensky Foto
Alexej von Jawlensky
deutsch-russischer Künstler des Expressionismus 1864 - 1941

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Prem Rawat Foto

„All we have, it seems to me, is the beauty of art and nature and life, and the love which that beauty inspires.“

—  Edward Abbey American author and essayist 1927 - 1989

“Fire Lookout: Numa Ridge”, p. 57
The Journey Home (1977)
Quelle: The Journey Home: Some Words in Defense of the American West

Eleanor Roosevelt Foto

„Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.“

—  Eleanor Roosevelt American politician, diplomat, and activist, and First Lady of the United States 1884 - 1962

Eugène Delacroix Foto

„Nature creates unity even in the parts of a whole.“

—  Eugène Delacroix French painter 1798 - 1863

25 January 1857 (p. 346)
1831 - 1863, Delacroix' 'Journal' (1847 – 1863)

Gerard Bilders Foto

„It is not my aim and object to paint a cow for the cow's sake or a tree for the tree's, but by means of the whole to create a beautiful and huge impression which nature sometimes creates, also with most simple means. (translation from the Dutch original: Fons Heijnsbroek)“

—  Gerard Bilders painter from the Netherlands 1838 - 1865

version in original Dutch / citaat van Bilders' brief, in het Nederlands: Het is mijn doel niet eene koe te schilderen om de koe, noch een boom om den boom; het is om door het geheel een indruk te weeg te brengen, dien de natuur somtijds maakt, een grootschen, schoonen indruk, ook door de eenvoudigste middelen.
Quote of Gerard Bilders in his letter c. 1861-1864; as cited in Dutch Art in the Nineteenth Century – 'The Hague School; Introduction' https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Dutch_Art_in_the_Nineteenth_Century/The_Hague_School:_Introduction, by G. Hermine Marius, transl. A. Teixera de Mattos; publish: The la More Press, London, 1908

Albert Einstein Foto
Earl Warren Foto

„You sit up there, and you see the whole gamut of human nature.“

—  Earl Warren United States federal judge 1891 - 1974

Interview in 1953 after being appointed to the Supreme Court, as quoted in Earl Warren : A Political Biography (1967) by Leo Katcher, p. 315
Kontext: You sit up there, and you see the whole gamut of human nature. Even if the case being argued involves only a little fellow and $50, it involves justice. That's what is important.

Antonin Artaud Foto
Nisargadatta Maharaj Foto
Sam Harris Foto

„These chemicals disclose layers of beauty that art is powerless to capture and for which the beauty of Nature herself is a mere simulacrum.“

—  Sam Harris American author, philosopher and neuroscientist 1967

Sam Harris, Drugs and the Meaning of Life http://www.samharris.org/blog/item/drugs-and-the-meaning-of-life/ (5 July 2011)
Kontext: I have visited both extremes on the psychedelic continuum. The positive experiences were more sublime than I could have ever imagined or than I can now faithfully recall. These chemicals disclose layers of beauty that art is powerless to capture and for which the beauty of Nature herself is a mere simulacrum. It is one thing to be awestruck by the sight of a giant redwood and to be amazed at the details of its history and underlying biology. It is quite another to spend an apparent eternity in egoless communion with it. Positive psychedelic experiences often reveal how wondrously at ease in the universe a human being can be—and for most of us, normal waking consciousness does not offer so much as a glimmer of these deeper possibilities... But as the peaks are high, the valleys are deep. My “bad trips” were, without question, the most harrowing hours I have ever suffered—and they make the notion of hell, as a metaphor if not a destination, seem perfectly apt.

Robinson Jeffers Foto
Auguste Rodin Foto
Ernest Flagg Foto

„The best art, and the only art which will ever lead to great results, must have for its basis the interpretation of beauty in nature.“

—  Ernest Flagg American architect 1857 - 1947

Small Houses: Their Economic Design and Construction (1922), Introduction

„The Beloved created your being from His own love so that He could see His own beauty in the mirror of your heart and make you privy of His mysteries.“

—  Bu Ali Shah Qalandar Indian Sufi saint 1209 - 1324

Quelle: The Sayings and Teachings of the Great Mystics of Islam (2004), p. 270

Ernest Flagg Foto
Stephen Fry Foto

„I have Van Gogh's ear for music“

—  Stephen Fry English comedian, actor, writer, presenter, and activist 1957

Robert Herrick Foto

„Art quickens nature; care will make a face; Neglected beauty perisheth apace.“

—  Robert Herrick, buch Hesperides

Hesperides (1648)

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