„There are no experts in the systems approach“

Quelle: 1960s - 1970s, The Systems Approach (1968), p. 232

C. West Churchman Foto
C. West Churchman
amerikanischer Philosoph und Systemwissenschaftler 1913 - 2004

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„The systems approach is not a bad idea“

—  C. West Churchman American philosopher and systems scientist 1913 - 2004

Quelle: 1960s - 1970s, The Systems Approach (1968), p. 232

Russell L. Ackoff Foto
Grady Booch Foto

„In a quality object-oriented software system, you will find many classes that speak the language of the domain expert“

—  Grady Booch American software engineer 1955

Quelle: Object Solutions: Managing the Object-Oriented Project. (1996), p. 39; as cited in: Journal of Database Management. Vol 10-11. p. 33

„The comprehensiveness of OR’s aim is an example of a ‘systems’ approach, since ‘system’ implies an interconnected complex of functionally related components.“

—  C. West Churchman American philosopher and systems scientist 1913 - 2004

Quelle: 1940s - 1950s, Introduction to Operations Research (1957), p. 7; cited in Werner Ulrich (2004, p. 210)

„The systems approach goes on to discovering that every world-view is terribly restricted.“

—  C. West Churchman American philosopher and systems scientist 1913 - 2004

C. West Churchman, (1970) cited in: Michael C. Jackson ( 1992) Systems Methodology for the Management Sciences. p. 137
1960s - 1970s

Béla H. Bánáthy Foto

„When it comes to the design of social and societal systems of all kinds, it is the users, the people in the system who are the experts. Nobody has the right to design social systems for someone else. It is unethical to do so. Design cannot be legislated, it should not be bought from the expert, and it should not be copied from the design of others. If the privilege of and responsibility for design is "given away," others will take charge of designing our lives and our systems. They will shape our future.“

—  Béla H. Bánáthy Hungarian linguist and systems scientist 1919 - 2003

Quelle: Designing Social Systems in a Changing World (1996), p. 128; Cited in: Roberto Joseph et al. (2002) " Banathy's Influence on the Guidance System for Transforming Education http://www.indiana.edu/~syschang/decatur/reigeluth_pubs/documents/95_banathy_influence_on_gste.pdf". World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, 58(5/6) 379-394

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Jasper Fforde Foto

„For every expert there is an equal and opposite expert.“

—  Jasper Fforde, buch One of Our Thursdays Is Missing

Quelle: One of Our Thursdays Is Missing

August-Wilhelm Scheer Foto
David Ben-Gurion Foto

„If an expert says it can't be done, get another expert.“

—  David Ben-Gurion Israeli politician, Zionist leader, prime minister of Israel 1886 - 1973

As quoted in Words from the Wise : Over 6,000 of the Smartest Things Ever Said (2007) by Rosemarie Jarski, p. 170

„Biological communities are systems of interacting components and thus display characteristic properties of systems, such as mutual interdependence, self-regulation, adaptation to disturbances, approach to states of equilibrium, etc.“

—  Ludwig von Bertalanffy austrian biologist and philosopher 1901 - 1972

As cited in: Debora Hammond (2005). "Philosophical and Ethical Foundations of Systems Thinking", in: tripleC 3(2): pp. 20–27.
1950s, Problems of Life (1952, 1960)

Béla H. Bánáthy Foto
Arthur C. Clarke Foto

„Clarke's Fourth Law: For every expert there is an equal and opposite expert.“

—  Arthur C. Clarke British science fiction writer, science writer, inventor, undersea explorer, and television series host 1917 - 2008

Profiles of the Future (1999, London: Victor Gollancz) p. 143

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