„It seemed there was no democracy among children – always an aristocracy based on strength, intellect and seniority. But seniority counted most, because a boy of ten is bound to be stronger and cleverer than a boy of nine, having spent an extra year in the world, at a time when each year is like a precious deposit in a newly opened bank account. Among boys of the same age, there would be a silent tussle, a clean, honourable contest. Once a leader emerged, however, no elections were held.“

A Strange and Sublime Address (1991)

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Amit Chaudhuri Foto
Amit Chaudhuri
indischer Schriftsteller und Musiker 1962

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„This is my life, I thought, these are the people among whom I have spent it, prostitutes, tattooed boys with dead eyes, and horny cops.“

—  Michael Nava American writer 1954

Quelle: Henry Rios series of novels, Rag and Bone (2001), p.153

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„I sat very still, as befitted a small boy among strangers, staring wide-eyed into a world I did not know. I was six years old and my father was dying.“

—  Louis L'Amour Novelist, short story writer 1908 - 1988

Quelle: The Lonesome Gods (1983), Ch. 1, first lines

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„Boys are perhaps beyond the range of anybody's sure understanding, at least when they are between the ages of eighteen months and ninety years.“

—  James Thurber American cartoonist, author, journalist, playwright 1894 - 1961

"The Darlings at the Top of the Stairs", Lanterns & Lances (1961); previously appeared in The Queen and in Harper's Magazine.
From Lanterns and Lances‎

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„I have a twenty-month-old baby [girl], [and] a sixteen-year-old boy— same maturity level.“

—  Gloria Estefan Cuban-American singer-songwriter, actress and divorciada 1957

The Evolution Tour: Live in Miami
2007, 2008

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Arthur Conan Doyle Foto

„Ten years now go further than a thousand then, not so much on account of our finer intellects as because the light we have shows us the way to more.“

—  Arthur Conan Doyle, buch The Stark Munro Letters

The Stark Munro Letters (1894)
Kontext: The more we progress the more we tend to progress. We advance not in arithmetical but in geometrical progression. We draw compound interest on the whole capital of knowledge and virtue which has been accumulated since the dawning of time. Some eighty thousand years are supposed to have existed between paleolithic and neolithic man. Yet in all that time he only learned to grind his flint stones instead of chipping them. But within our father's lives what changes have there not been? The railway and the telegraph, chloroform and applied electricity. Ten years now go further than a thousand then, not so much on account of our finer intellects as because the light we have shows us the way to more. Primeval man stumbled along with peering eyes, and slow, uncertain footsteps. Now we walk briskly towards our unknown goal.

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„No boy is worth your teenage years!.“

—  Hayley Williams American singer-songwriter and musician 1988

"For me to be in love with someone means that I have to accept who I am, and not allow another person to define me. And if someone loves me in spite of all that, then that's a start."
Interview about her highschool years with the 'Sugar' magazine http://www.omgmusic.com/news/hayley-williams-girls-at-school-called-me-gay

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„Like all boys my age, I was an idiot when it came to women.“

—  Patrick Rothfuss, buch Der Name des Windes

Quelle: The Name of the Wind (2007), Chapter 62, “Leaves” (p. 465)

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