„We completed the [uranium enrichment] program.“

"Behind Iran's 'Moderate' New Leader" http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323566804578549262039104552.html, The Wall Street Journal, (June 16, 2013)

Hassan Rowhani Foto
Hassan Rowhani
siebter Präsident der islamischen Republik Iran 1948

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Joni Mitchell Foto
Edward Gibbon Foto
Septimius Severus Foto

„Be harmonious, enrich the soldiers, scorn everybody else.“

—  Septimius Severus Emperor of Ancient Rome 145 - 211

Statement made on his deathbed to his sons.
Cassius Dio, Book 77, Part 16.

Paul Graham Foto

„A programming language is for thinking of programs, not for expressing programs you've already thought of.“

—  Paul Graham English programmer, venture capitalist, and essayist 1964

"Hackers and Painters" http://www.paulgraham.com/hp.html, May 2003

„We do not need to operate according to the idea of a predetermined program for our lives.“

—  John O'Donohue Irish writer, priest and philosopher 1956 - 2008

Quelle: Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

Larry Niven Foto

„The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn't have a space program. And if we become extinct because we don't have a space program, it'll serve us right!“

—  Larry Niven American writer 1938

As quoted by Arthur C. Clarke in "Meeting of the Minds : Buzz Aldrin Visits Arthur C. Clarke" by Andrew Chaikin (27 February 2001) http://web.archive.org/web/20010302082528/http://www.space.com/peopleinterviews/aldrin_clarke_010227.html

Richard Stallman Foto

„If the users don't control the program, the program controls the users. With proprietary software, there is always some entity, the "owner" of the program, that controls the program—and through it, exercises power over its users. A nonfree program is a yoke, an instrument of unjust power.“

—  Richard Stallman American software freedom activist, short story writer and computer programmer, founder of the GNU project 1953

Free Software Is Even More Important Now (September 2013) https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-software-even-more-important.html

Andrew Carnegie Foto
Pierre Trudeau Foto

„Paddling a canoe is a source of enrichment and inner renewal.“

—  Pierre Trudeau 15th Prime Minister of Canada 1919 - 2000

As quoted in "Pierre Elliott Trudeau" profile in The Greatest Canadian at CBC http://web.archive.org/web/20041029152936/http://www.cbc.ca/greatest/top_ten/nominee/trudeau-pierre-know.html

Eudora Welty Foto
David Lange Foto

„And I'm going to give it to you if you hold your breath just for a moment … I can smell the uranium on it as you lean towards me.“

—  David Lange New Zealand politician and 32nd Prime Minister of New Zealand 1942 - 2005

Commonly misquoted as "I can smell the uranium on your breath", as in A New Zealand Dictionary of Political Quotations, p. 94.
During the Oxford Union Debate, 1 March 1985.
Quelle: http://publicaddress.net/default,1578.sm#post

Immortal Technique Foto
Niklaus Wirth Foto
Linus Torvalds Foto

„I think Leopard is a much better system [than Windows Vista] … but OS X in some ways is actually worse than Windows to program for. Their file system is complete and utter crap, which is scary.“

—  Linus Torvalds Finnish-American software engineer and hacker 1969

[linux.conf.au conference, http://www.theage.com.au/news/technology/torvalds-pans-apples-os-x/2008/02/05/1202090393959.html, 2008-02-05]
2000s, 2008

Adolf Hitler Foto

„All the more so after the war, the German National Socialist state, which pursued this goal from the beginning, will tirelessly work for the realization of a program that will ultimately lead to a complete elimination of class differences and to the creation of a true socialist community.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945

Speech for the Heroes' Memorial Day (21 March 1943) https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler%27s_Speech_for_the_Heroes%27_Memorial_Day_(21_March_1943)

Edward R. Murrow Foto
Stephen King Foto

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“