„The unitary system of thought has three main characteristics which distinguish it from many other systems: it deals with the form of systems rather than with their component parts; it recognizes a process of development as prior to the apparently static aspects of nature; and it is unitary, emphasizing one general form beneath all apparent dualism.“

Quelle: The Next Development in Man (1948), p. 21-22

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Lancelot Law Whyte Foto
Lancelot Law Whyte62
Scottish industrial engineer 1896 - 1972

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Russell L. Ackoff Foto
Rensis Likert Foto

„All component parts of any system of management must be consistent with each of the other parts and reflect the system's basic philosophy.“

—  Rensis Likert American statistician 1903 - 1981

Quelle: New patterns of management, (1961), p. 222

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„In our definition of system we noted that all systems have interrelationships between objects and between their attributes. If every part of the system is so related to every other part that any change in one aspect results in dynamic changes in all other parts of the total system, the system is said to behave as a whole or coherently.“

—  Arthur D. Hall American electrical engineer 1925 - 2006

At the other extreme is a set of parts that are completely unrelated: that is, a change in each part depends only on that part alone. The variation in the set is the physical sum of the variations of the parts. Such behavior is called independent or physical summativity.
Quelle: Definition of System, 1956, p. 23

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„The inability to isolate software components from each other is the main reason why many popular programming languages cannot be used for making robust system software.“

—  Joe Armstrong British computer scientist 1950 - 2019

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Making Reliable Distributed Systems in the Presence of Software Errors

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