„The coercion which has been introduced has not been a coercion against crime…It has been a coercion against combination. And combination—it stands and glares upon us from every page in the history of Ireland—is the only arm by which a poor and destitute and feeble population are able to make good their ground, even in the slightest degree, against the domineering power of the State and of the wealthy with England at their back.“

Speech in London (9 May 1888), quoted in The Times (10 May 1888), p. 8.

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William Ewart Gladstone Foto
William Ewart Gladstone
britischer Politiker 1809 - 1898

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William Ewart Gladstone Foto
Margaret Chase Smith Foto

„Strength, the American way, is not manifested by threats of criminal prosecution or police state methods.
Leadership is not manifested by coercion, even against the resented.“

—  Margaret Chase Smith Member of the United States Senate from Maine 1897 - 1995

Declaration of Conscience‎ (1972), p. 293; also misquoted as ending with "the end justifying any means and any measures."
Kontext: Strength, the American way, is not manifested by threats of criminal prosecution or police state methods.
Leadership is not manifested by coercion, even against the resented. Greatness is not manifested by unlimited pragmatism, which places such a high premium on the end justifying any means and any methods.

V. V. Giri Foto

„It is the power to combine that labour has the most effective safeguard against exploitation and the only lasting security against inhuman conditions.“

—  V. V. Giri Indian politician and 4th president of India 1894 - 1980

Lakshmidhar Mishra in: Human Bondage: Tracing Its Roots in India http://books.google.co.in/books?id=WNuGAwAAQBAJ&pg=PA425, SAGE Publications India, 12 July 2011, p. 425
From his book On the “Labour Problems in Indian Industry”

Emma Goldman Foto
Paul Tillich Foto

„… history has shown that the most terrible crimes against love have been committed in the name of fanatically defended doctrines.“

—  Paul Tillich German-American theologian and philosopher 1886 - 1965

Quelle: Dynamics of Faith

Edward Carpenter Foto

„The money-grubber has been floating with the great current of society, while the poor man has been swimming against it.“

—  Edward Carpenter British poet and academic 1844 - 1929

Defence of Criminals: A Criticism of Morality (1889)

Roy Moore Foto

„Homosexual conduct is, and has been, considered abhorrent, immoral, detestable, a crime against nature, and a violation of the laws of nature and of nature’s God upon which this nation and our laws are predicated.“

—  Roy Moore American former judge 1947

D.H. v. H.H. http://caselaw.findlaw.com/al-supreme-court/1303306.html (February 15, 2002), quoted in [2017-09-29, Michelle Goldberg, How Donald Trump Opened the Door to Roy Moore, The New York Times, https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/29/opinion/donald-trump-roy-moore.html]

Albert Einstein Foto

„The attempt to combine wisdom and power has only rarely been successful, and then only for a short while.“

—  Albert Einstein German-born physicist and founder of the theory of relativity 1879 - 1955

The New Quotable Einstein
1950s, Essay to Leo Baeck (1953)

Felix Frankfurter Foto

„Software patents may be used as a form of outright coercion, providing protection against theft of ideas as a potentially high cost to future inventors.“

—  Nathaniel Borenstein American computer scientist 1957

[Borenstein, Nathaniel S., Programming as if people mattered : friendly programs, software engineering, and other noble delusions, 1991, Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J., 9780691087528, 53, 4. print.]

Voltaire Foto

„Virtue supposes liberty, as the carrying of a burden supposes active force. Under coercion there is no virtue, and without virtue there is no religion. Make a slave of me, and I shall be no better for it. Even the sovereign has no right to use coercion to lead men to religion, which by its nature supposes choice and liberty. My thought is no more subject to authority than is sickness or health.“

—  Voltaire French writer, historian, and philosopher 1694 - 1778

"Canon Law: Ecclesiastical Ministry" (1771)
Questions sur l'Encyclopédie (1770–1774)
Original: (fr) La vertu suppose la liberté, comme le transport d’un fardeau suppose la force active. Dans la contrainte point de vertu, et sans vertu point de religion. Rends-moi esclave, je n’en serai pas meilleur. Le souverain même n’a aucun droit d’employer la contrainte pour amener les hommes à la religion, qui suppose essentiellement choix et liberté. Ma pensée n’est pas plus soumise à l’autorité que la maladie ou la santé.

„Moving beyond orientalism finally presupposes moving beyond the culture of domination and the politics of coercion that have nurtured orientalism in all its varieties, and been nurtured by it in turn.“

—  Sheldon Pollock American linguist 1948

(Pollock 1993:117), quoted in Elst, Koenraad (2018). Still no trace of an Aryan invasion: A collection on Indo-European origins.

Yanis Varoufakis Foto
Harry Browne Foto
Jiddu Krishnamurti Foto
Rousas John Rushdoony Foto
Elbert Hubbard Foto

„Too often the reformer has been one who caused the rich to band themselves against the poor.“

—  Elbert Hubbard American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher fue el escritor del jarron azul 1856 - 1915

Quelle: A Thousand & One Epigrams: Selected from the Writings of Elbert Hubbard (1911), p. 14.

Glenn Greenwald Foto

„History leaved no doubt that collective coercion and control is both the intent and effect of state surveillance.“

—  Glenn Greenwald, buch No Place to Hide

Penguin Books 2015 edition, page 78.
No Place to Hide (2014)

Walter Rauschenbusch Foto

„Christianity has been one of the most powerful causes of democracy, but the conscious influence of the Church has more widely been exerted against democracy than for it.“

—  Walter Rauschenbusch United States Baptist theologian 1861 - 1918

Quelle: Christianity and the Social Crisis (1907), Ch.4 Why Has Christianity Never Undertaken the Work of Social Reconstruction?, p. 150

African Spir Foto

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