„From 'The Book of My Enemy Has Been Remaindered'
Soon now a book of mine could be remaindered also,
Though not to the monumental extent
In which the chastisement of remaindering has been meted out
To the book of my enemy,
Since in the case of my own book it will be due
To a miscalculated print run, a marketing error -
Nothing to do with merit.“

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Clive James Foto
Clive James
australischer Schriftsteller, Literaturkritiker und Rundfun… 1939 - 2019

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„Gutenberg, your printing press has been violated by this evil book!“

—  Friedrich Kellner German Justice inspector 1885 - 1970

Referring to Mein Kampf, in Kellner's political speeches against the Nazis, 1926 - 1932. “Tagebücher gegen den Terror,” Mainz Allgemeine Zeitung, Mainz, Germany, September 24, 2005.

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„My hope in writing this book has been that enough people will choose to profit from that opportunity to make a difference.“

—  Jared Diamond, buch Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed

Quelle: Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed (2005), Chapter "The world as a polder: what does it all mean to us today?", section "Reasons for hope" (Penguin Books, 2011, page 525, ISBN 978-0-241-95868-1.

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„It has been complained, with some justice, that I dump my note-books on the public.“

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A Retrospect (1918)

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„The happiest and most glorious hours of my life with books have been with German books.“

—  Enoch Powell British politician 1912 - 1998

The Observer (24 April 1966)

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„However, it has long been said that "my enemy's enemy is my friend.“

—  Seth Grahame-Smith US fiction author 1976

Quelle: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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