„For the future, the motto is, "No days unalert.“

—  Robert Greene, buch The 48 Laws of Power

Quelle: The 48 Laws of Power

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Robert Greene Foto
Robert Greene1
US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller 1959

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Hassan Nasrallah Foto

„Israel is our enemy. This is an aggressive, illegal, and illegitimate entity, which has no future in our land. Its destiny is manifested in our motto: 'Death to Israel.“

—  Hassan Nasrallah Secretary General of Hezbollah 1960

Al-Manar television, February 2, 2005
Quote, 2005
Quelle: Britain Israel Communication & Research Centre http://www.bicom.org.uk/publications/

Dave Matthews Foto

„The future is no place to place your better days.“

—  Dave Matthews American singer-songwriter, musician and actor 1967

Cry Freedom
Crash (1996)

Patrick Rothfuss Foto

„The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.“

—  Patrick Rothfuss, buch Der Name des Windes

Quelle: The Name of the Wind

Dean Acheson Foto
Van Morrison Foto

„These are the days of the endless summer
These are the days, the time is now
There is no past, there's only future
There's only here, there's only now.“

—  Van Morrison Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician 1945

These Are the Days
Song lyrics, Avalon Sunset (1989)

Abraham Lincoln Foto
W. Somerset Maugham Foto

„…the future will one day be the present and will seem as unimportant as the present does now.“

—  W. Somerset Maugham, buch The Summing Up

Quelle: The Summing Up (1938), p. 51

Vanna Bonta Foto

„The success of SpaceShipOne was Justice Day for dreamers and pioneers past, present and future.“

—  Vanna Bonta Italian-American writer, poet, inventor, actress, voice artist (1958-2014) 1958 - 2014

Space: What love's got to do with it - The Space Review (2004)

Patrick Rothfuss Foto
Daniel Kahneman Foto
Robert Baden-Powell Foto
June Downey Foto

„Doubtless the day is far in the future when we shall be able to solve such historical enigmas.“

—  June Downey American psychologist 1875 - 1932

August 1909, Popular Science Monthly Volume 75, Article:"The Varificational Factor in Handwriting", p. 156

Chuck Palahniuk Foto
Arthur C. Clarke Foto

„I now spend a good part of my day dreaming of times past, present and future.“

—  Arthur C. Clarke British science fiction writer, science writer, inventor, undersea explorer, and television series host 1917 - 2008

90th Birthday Reflections (2007)
Kontext: I now spend a good part of my day dreaming of times past, present and future. As I try to survive on 15 hours sleep a day, I have plenty of time to enjoy vivid dreams. Being completely wheel-chaired doesn't stop my mind from roaming the universe — on the contrary!

Omar Khayyám Foto

„Ah, my Belov'ed fill the Cup that clears
To-day Past Regrets and Future Fears:

—  Omar Khayyám Persian poet, philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer 1048 - 1131

Why, To-morrow I may be
Myself with Yesterday's Sev'n Thousand Years.
Quelle: The Rubaiyat (1120)

James Joyce Foto
Franklin D. Roosevelt Foto

„A statesman deals with concrete difficulties — with things which must be done from day to day. Not often can he frame conscious patterns for the far off future.“

—  Franklin D. Roosevelt 32nd President of the United States 1882 - 1945

1930s, Address at the Dedication of the Memorial on the Gettysburg Battlefield (1938)
Kontext: It seldom helps to wonder how a statesman of one generation would surmount the crisis of another. A statesman deals with concrete difficulties — with things which must be done from day to day. Not often can he frame conscious patterns for the far off future. But the fullness of the stature of Lincoln's nature and the fundamental conflict which events forced upon his Presidency invite us ever to turn to him for help. For the issue which he restated here at Gettysburg seventy five years ago will be the continuing issue before this Nation so long as we cling to the purposes for which the Nation was founded — to preserve under the changing conditions of each generation a people's government for the people's good.

Sophocles Foto

„Fear? What has a man to do with fear? Chance rules our lives, and the future is all unknown. Best live as we may, from day to day.“

—  Sophocles ancient Greek tragedian -496 - -406 v.Chr

Jocasta (Line 977?).
Oedipus Rex
Variante: Nay, what should mortal fear, for whom the decrees of fortune are supreme and who hath clear foresight of nothing? 'Tis best to live at random, as one may.

Gordon Brown Foto

„On this day I remember words that have stayed with me since my childhood and which matter a great deal to me today, my school motto: "I will try my outmost". This is my promise to all of the people of Britain and now let the work of change begin.“

—  Gordon Brown British Labour Party politician 1951

Statement at Downing Street http://www.pm.gov.uk/output/Page12155.asp, 27 June 2007.
Statement outside 10 Downing Street immediately after becoming Prime Minister. The motto referred to is an English translation of the Latin Usque conabor. Brown said "outmost", as spelled on the BBC News transcript http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/6246114.stm, but other sources usually give "utmost".
Prime Minister

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