„Luck is what happens to you when fate gets tired of waiting“

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Gregory David Roberts4
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„Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.“

—  Seneca the Younger Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, and dramatist -4 - 65 v.Chr

Has been attributed to Seneca since the 1990s (eg. Gregory K. Ericksen, (1999), Women entrepreneurs only: 12 women entrepreneurs tell the stories of their success, page ix.). Other books ascribe the saying to either Darrell K. Royal (former American football player, born 1924) or Elmer G. Letterman (Insurance salesman and writer, 1897-1982). However, it is unlikely either man originated the saying. A version that reads "He is lucky who realizes that luck is the point where preparation meets opportunity" can be found (unattributed) in the 1912 The Youth's Companion: Volume 86. The quote might be a distortion of the following passage by Seneca (who makes no mention of "luck" and is in fact quoting his friend Demetrius the Cynic):<blockquote>"The best wrestler," he would say, "is not he who has learned thoroughly all the tricks and twists of the art, which are seldom met with in actual wrestling, but he who has well and carefully trained himself in one or two of them, and watches keenly for an opportunity of practising them." — Seneca, On Benefits, vii. 1 http://thriceholy.net/Texts/Benefits4.html</blockquote>

„If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.“

—  Larry McMurtry American novelist, essayist, bookseller and screenwriter 1936

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„You get tired when you don’t work. When you clean your house, you don’t get tired, it gives you satisfaction.“

—  Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India 1950

2014, "Read full interview of Narendra Modi to Rajat Sharma", 2014
Kontext: I had started the campaign from 15th September. So now it’s 6–7 months since I started the campaign. I am a laborer and my childhood was very tough and physically I am used to all this. I also do my [y]oga and [p]ranayam. But the important point is that I believe you never get tired by doing work. You get tired when you don’t work. When you clean your house, you don’t get tired, it gives you satisfaction.

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„Is Fate getting what you deserve, or deserving what you get?“

—  Jodi Picoult Author 1966

Quelle: Vanishing Acts

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„When you're getting ready to launch into space, you're sitting on a big explosion waiting to happen.“

—  Sally Ride American physicist and astronaut 1951 - 2012

Scholastic interview (1998)
Kontext: When you're getting ready to launch into space, you're sitting on a big explosion waiting to happen. By sally ride. So most astronauts getting ready to lift off are excited and very anxious and worried about that explosion — because if something goes wrong in the first seconds of launch, there's not very much you can do.

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„A conclusion is the place you get to when you’re tired of thinking.“

—  Jill Shalvis American writer 1963

Quelle: The Sweetest Thing

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„This is what happens when you get old. You start thinking. Worse, you start telling everybody what you think.“

—  Glen Cook, buch Soldiers Live

Quelle: Soldiers Live (2000), Chapter 10, “An Abode of Ravens: Recovery” (p. 397)

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„[bends over] *errgh* Sorry for making that noise, but … that's what happens when you get older. One day what happens is that you bend over, and you never come back.“

—  Craig Ferguson Scottish-born American television host, stand-up comedian, writer, actor, director, author, producer and voice artist 1962

2009-07-24 broadcast
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (2005–2014)

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„You can't just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream, you've got to get out there and make it happen yourself.“

—  Diana Ross American vocalist, music artist and actress 1944

As quoted in Jet magazine, Vol. 67, No. 2 (4 February 1985), p. 40

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„… intentions, good or bad, are not enough. There's luck or fate or something else that takes over…“

—  John Steinbeck, buch The Winter of Our Discontent

Quelle: The Winter of Our Discontent

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„And what will happen in the morning when the world it gets
So crowded that you can't look out the window in the morning?“

—  Nick Drake British singer-songwriter 1948 - 1974

Hazey Jane II
Song lyrics, Bryter Later (1970)

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„What happens when people open their hearts?"
"They get better.“

—  Haruki Murakami, buch Naokos Lächeln

Quelle: Norwegian Wood

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