„So I'm an ace?' Will grinned. 'I'm flattered Halt, flattered. I had no idea you regarded me so highly.'
Halt gave him a long-suffering look. 'I might have been more accurate to say a joker.'
Whatever you say.“

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John Flanagan Foto
John Flanagan
US-amerikanischer Leichtathlet und Tauzieher 1873 - 1938

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John Flanagan Foto
John Flanagan Foto
Donald J. Trump Foto

„For some reason we have a certain chemistry — or whatever. Let's see what happens. We have a long way to go. But I'm in no rush... So, I just want to say that we are going to be heading out to the DMZ and it's something I planned long ago but had the idea yesterday to maybe say hello, just shake hands quickly and say hello.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

press conference, Blue House, Seoul, South Korea, quoted in * 2019-06-30

Trump: Kim and I "have a certain chemistry"


2010s, 2019, June

Suzanne Collins Foto

„"So, what brings the Children's Crusade into the Firelands? I don't flatter myself you were looking for me." "We got lost on a picnic."“

—  Suzanne Collins, The Underland Chronicles

Ripred and Luxa, p. 247
The Underland Chronicles, Gregor and the Marks of Secret (2006)

Toby Keith Foto
John Flanagan Foto
John Flanagan Foto

„You spoil your horse, Halt said.
Will glanced at him. You spoil yours.
Halt considered the thought, then nodded. That's true.“

—  John Flanagan Irish-American hammer thrower 1873 - 1938

Quelle: The Kings of Clonmel

John Flanagan Foto
Sarah McLachlan Foto
Harry Chapin Foto
George Michael Foto
Frank Zappa Foto

„I may be vile and pernicious
But you can't look away
I make you think I'm delicious
With the stuff that I say
I'm the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I'm the slime oozin' out
From your TV set.“

—  Frank Zappa American musician, songwriter, composer, and record and film producer 1940 - 1993

"I'm the Slime"
Over-Nite Sensation (1973)

Eckhart Tolle Foto
Elizabeth Taylor Foto

„Oh God! I'm going to miss him. I can’t yet imagine life without him. But I guess with God’s help… I'll learn. I keep looking at the photo he gave me of himself, which says, 'To my true love Elizabeth, I love you forever.“

—  Elizabeth Taylor British-American actress 1932 - 2011

And, I will love HIM forever.
As quoted in "Michael Jackson: Elizabeth Taylor Honors her good friend" by Dave Karger, Entertainment Weekly (26 June 2009)

Chris Carter Foto
Gilbert O'Sullivan Foto

„No matter how I try
I just can't say goodbye.
No matter what you say
looks like I'm here to stay.
No matter where I go
I don't know if you know
but everywhere we've been
I'm kept in quarantine.“

—  Gilbert O'Sullivan Irish singer-songwriter 1946

"No Matter How I Try" (song)
Gilbert O'Sullivan, "No Matter How I Try" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gM6bo-QhS0 (song on YouTube)
(+ Live performance on Top of the Pops. On YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBqEgnBNKDI
(+ Live performance in Japan, 1993. On YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsQu04bOm9I
Song lyrics

James McNeill Whistler Foto
Orson Scott Card Foto
Cesare Pavese Foto

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