„I'm going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.“

Jean Paul Sartre Foto
Jean Paul Sartre12
französischer Romancier, Dramatiker, Philosoph und Publizist 1905 - 1980

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Jean Paul Sartre Foto
Van Morrison Foto

„I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven
I'm in heaven when you smile, when you smile.“

—  Van Morrison Northern Irish singer-songwriter and musician 1945
Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)

Victoria Beckham Foto

„I think they have this impression that I'm this miserable cow who doesn't smile. But I'm actually quite the opposite... I'm going to try and smile more for America“

—  Victoria Beckham English businesswoman, fashion designer and singer 1974
As quoted in Oh My Posh! Victoria Beckham's 10 Funniest Quotes http://www.people.com/people/gallery/0,,20360923_10,00.html#20769957, People (magazine)

William Wordsworth Foto

„She hath smiles to earth unknown—
Smiles that with motion of their own
Do spread, and sink, and rise.“

—  William Wordsworth English Romantic poet 1770 - 1850
Cancelled lines originally in the second stanza of Louisa (1805).

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