„In small towns, news travels at the speed of boredom.“

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Carlos Ruiz Zafón118
spanischer Schriftsteller 1964

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„Boredom lies only with the traveler's limited perception and his failure to explore deeply enough.“

—  William Least Heat-Moon, buch Blue Highways
Blue Highways (1982), Context: Boredom lies only with the traveler's limited perception and his failure to explore deeply enough. After a while, I found my perception limited. Part Seven, Chapter 7.

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„Rail travel at high speed is not possible because passengers, unable to breathe, would die of asphyxia.“

—  Dionysius Lardner Irish science writer 1793 - 1859
Misattributed, While widely quoted as an example of failed predictions about technological progress and attributed to Lardner, there are no known citations of this line prior to 1980 and it does not seem to appear in his published works. It may result from the conflation, through imperfect memory and oral transmission, of reference to three separate concepts: the real, and at the time new, danger of suffocation by engine combustion gasses in tunnels (and in particular an 1861 incident http://www.engineering-timelines.com/scripts/engineeringItem.asp?id=202 in the Blisworth Tunnel), the hypothetical (and unfounded) fear of suffocation by vacuum in a speculated system of trains propelled by pneumatic force https://books.google.com/books?id=2Tc1AQAAMAAJ&lpg=PA261&ots=lL3eBeyoex&dq=lardner%20train%20speed%20suffocation&pg=PA261#v=onepage&q=Lardner&f=false, and Lardner's erroneous prediction of mechanical failure of trains in the Box Tunnel of the Great Western Railway from over-acceleration due to excess gradient.

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„At the very high speed of living, everybody needs a new career and a new job and a totally new personality every ten years.“

—  Marshall McLuhan Canadian educator, philosopher, and scholar-- a professor of English literature, a literary critic, and a communicatio… 1911 - 1980
1970s, Forces interview (1973)

„Probably the finest travel book ever written by an American is Walden, though Thoreau only went a mile out of town.“

—  William Zinsser writer, editor, journalist, literary critic, professor 1922 - 2015
On Writing Well (Fifth Edition, orig. pub. 1976), Chapter 11, Writing About Places: The Travel Article, p. 91.

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„Speed is the essence of war. Take advantage of the enemy's unpreparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions.“

—  Sun Tzu ancient Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher from the Zhou Dynasty -543 - -495 v.Chr
Chapter XI · The Nine Battlegrounds, 兵之情主速,乘敌所不及,由不虞之途,攻其所不备也。

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