„I knew that I shouldn't have, but I did it all the same; and there you have my epitaph, or one of them, because my grave is going to require a monument inscribed on all four sides with rueful mottoes, in small characters, set close together.“

—  Michael Chabon, buch Wonder Boys

Quelle: Wonder Boys (1995)

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Michael Chabon1
US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller 1963

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„I look around at all the girl singers, and I think they're all my children… and they're all going to do this… And, yes, maybe I inspired them because I did get through a lot, and I did have the same problems that they're going to have. You do have to give up a lot for it.“

—  Stevie Nicks American singer and songwriter, member of Fleetwood Mac 1948

Laura Furman, Rumours Exposed http://books.google.com/books?id=SW31aVVDc_AC (2003: Citadel Press), ISBN 9780806524726, p. 6

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„If you look closely you'll find all my lovers inscribed on my skin.“

—  Jill Ciment Canadian writer 1955

Quelle: The Tattoo Artist

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„By saying that all my characters have a little bit of me in them, I mean that I try to be invested and empathetic in all my characters—whether they are principal or secondary, deeply flawed and not very “nice.”“

—  Jessica Hagedorn Filipino-American playwright, writer, poet, storyteller, musician, multimedia performance artist 1949

If you’re in tune with your story then the characters do come at you organically. There isn’t an order to how they might appear.
Quelle: On how she invests part of herself in her characters in “JESSICA HAGEDORN” http://www.tayoliterarymag.com/jessica-hagedorn in TAYO Literary Magazine

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„I loved playing Go Go, because the character's so extreme. And she's pretty close to my real character. Especially the fact that she liked her sword with a lot of accessories.“

—  Chiaki Kuriyama Japanese actress and singer 1984

Complex Magazine (February/March 2004) On her role as Go Go Yubari in Kill Bill: Vol. 1

Nicholas Sparks Foto

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